The ruler of the Meta Board, Lambdadelta.

The Fall of the Meta Board occurred on July 2nd, 2 MR when Lambdadelta and her followers left the Prime Fragment, ascending into the heavens and opening a portal into the Sea of Fragments in their great flying citadel, the Konpeitō Palace.

Some time afterward, some of the former citizens of the Meta Board re-entered the Prime Fragment and settled in the friendly nation of the Greater Meta Republic, led by Solaris. Almost a year after the Fall, the nation of Rokkenjima drifted to the Prime Fragment via the Sea of Fragments, and a new government was established there by Erika Furudo. Erika's former master, Lambdadelta, granted what remained of the Meta Armed Forces to her, and also bequeathed unto her her furniture. This included the Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps and the Eiserne Jungfrau. Over time, the witches who formerly called the Meta Board home came to reside in Rokkenjima, with the exception of Lambdadelta herself.

After Rokkenjima and the Greater Meta Republic became allies, half of the former Meta Boardian citizens residing in the Republic migrated to Rokkenjima in an effort by both governments to allow free settlement for former Meta Boardian citizens. However, a month later, the former Meta Boardian citizens who had settled in Rokkenjima moved back to the Republic after a mysterious and massive explosion decimated the main island and led to its abandonment.

The Greater Meta Republic eventually became the Meta Board once again in 2016.

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