The Fall of Umbrella
Date 4/4/2020
Casus belli Amon of Umbrella broke the peace deal agreed on prior to this war.
Status Ended
Spartan Republic Umbrella Corparation

Pegleg, Allend, Mao Zedong, Agent Crew


The fall of Umbrella (also known as Sparta's one hour war) happened on the 4th May. When the

Spartan Republic declared near on Umbrella Corporation. The reason for this was that Amon,

the leader of UC at the time, broke a peace deal that was agreed on by SR and UC. A total of

around 20 attacks were declared on Umbrella Corporation. They countered a few of the attacks

before their leader jumped ship with the money from UC's bank and went into Vacation Mode.

This left the rest of UC under a new leader as their allies Terminus Est and Polaris came to help

them out. A peace deal was agreed on by all the alliances involved.

The aftermath Edit

After peace was agreed on Umbrella Corporation began a merge with Terminus Est. Later on

Amon left the game and deleted his nation. An apparent multi where some of the money from

UC was supposedly stored was banned.

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