The Empire of Augus

Flag2 Flag of The Empire of Augus

Basileus Marcus Gryphas
Moff of The Imperium
Basic Information
Founded June 25th, 2031 ('Historical')

January 24th 2020 (Real Life)

Color Gold
National Statistics
Government Type Absolute Monarchy Absolute Monarchy
Economy Moderate Moderate
Religion Orthodox Christian
Currency Zeni
GDP $177,683,189.00
Civilians 174,832
Military Strength
Military name The Augustian Stratós
Stadium: Gryphas Stadium
Team: Griffins
National Capital Constantinople
Other Cities Valamis, Spatha.
 Dóxa stis póleis tis vasílissas (Glory to the Queen of Cities ) 
(- Basileus Marcus Gryphas)
The Empire of Augus, also known as Imperii Augustii, or simply Augus, is a revived Greco-Roman nation run by the Marcus Gryphas and made up of lands from Thrace and Bithynia and is thus one of the few nations to span over two continents (Europe and Asia).

It represents one of the new waves of Nations that joined at the advent of 2020, resulting in a change of policy for many alliances and reroutes for many ancient nations, and was at one point an aspirant of The Immortals, changing over to The Imperium shortly afterward.


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