The Emperor's Guard
Royal Britannian Guard

The Emperor's Guard
Founded August 4, 2001
Country The Holy Britannian Empire
Allegiance Britannia
Branch Army
Type Bodyguard
Role Special Operations
Size Classfied
Nickname The Imperial Britannian Guard
Motto "Second to None"
Suzaku Kururuegi
Code geass britannia 3 by ennuh-d3jes9q
The Emperor's Guard is the Royal Bodyguard of The Holy Britannian Empire. They are also used for covert operations in both domestic and foreign affairs. They are led and commanded by Suzaku Kururuegi.

Requirements Edit

The Emperor's Guard is an invite-only section of the military. The very basic requirements to join are:

  • Must be 25 or older years old.
  • Must have served the armed forces for five years.
  • Must hold Britannian Citizenship
  • Must have earned at least one medal.
  • Must have met the requirements for the Emperor's Sword Medal.

The Soldier Edit

The Emperor's Guard are mainly dressed in their dress uniform when either commanding a Knightmare or making a public appearance with the Emperor.

Most of the time they wear whatever is best suited for the environment they are in.

Leadership Edit

The leader of The Emperor's Guard is always a Royal Britannian Knight, and sometimes the General of the Army, usually the General is a Knight. The current acting commander of The Royal Britannian Guard is Suzaku Kururugi.

Suzaku Kururugi is both a Royal Britannian Knight, and the acting General of the Army.

The commander plans out all the operations but is almost never on the ground for covert operations. However, he must be apart of the Bodyguard for the Emperor.


Suzaku Kururugi

Operatives and Equipment Edit

Wherever one may see the Emperor, or while the Emperor is lounging, The Emperor's Guard wont be far. While serving the Emperor is mandatory, it isn't the only use the guard has.

The Emperor Guard is trained to act anywhere and anytime.

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