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The Elites

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Flag of The Elites

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Basic Details
Founded April 13, 2021
Color Black
Status Active
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King Greater Wessex
Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Michel Augustin
Minister of Military Affairs Midnight Lite
Minister of Economic Affairs Moony
Minister of Internal Affairs Vowen
Junior Minister of Foreign Affairs Lycurgus
Junior Minister of Military Affairs Xander Remus
Junior Minister of Internal Affairs Trashste & Albert I
Junior Minister of Economic Affairs Jacques Doriot
As of January 13th 2022
Total Nations 46
Score 72,126.74
Average Score 1567.97
Alliance Rank 55
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate Black Skies
MDoAP The Grand Federation
NAP United Monarchies of Orbis

The Elites - Who we are.

Founded on April 13th 2021 The Elites is a thriving alliance built on community engagement, brotherhood and loyalty. Although originally a parliamentary monarchy, the former dynasty was forced into resignation and exiled by the government due to neglect, corruption and lack of transparency. When the former Prime Minister Greater Wessex took over as king the alliance underwent a multitude of reforms ranging from government structure to military policy allowing it to truly prosper and become one of the top micros in Orbis and striving to grow beyond.

The Elites are a protectorate of Black Skies.


The Elite's have been involved in the following conflicts: