The Dictatorship of The Mel Reich
Dictator Mycroft Estine
His Almighty Dictatorship

Flag of The Mel Reich

of No Alliance
Basic Information
Founded 05/12/18
National Statistics
Government Type Dictatorship Dictatorship
Social Policies Authoritarian Authoritarian
Economy Far Left Far Left
Religion Islam
Pollution 80
Currency Euro
GDP $98,374,537.00
Civilians 91,705
Area 840 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 109.17 people per mi²
Military Strength
Nation Rank 4,485
Score 76
Infantry 1000
Tanks Classified
Aircraft Classified
Ships Classified
Spies Classified
Missiles Classified
Nuclear Warheads Classified
Stadium: Mel Reich Dome
Team: Eistenel
Win/Loss: 0 - 0
Investment 0
National Capital Germania.
Other Cities Germania, Ruhmhalle.

History of The Mel Reich.Edit

The Mel Reich, deep in the heart of Europe was the result of a massive raid and six month war on the original Kingdom of Vranica to overthrow it.

Mycroft Estine became dictator of Vranica and changed the nations name to the Mel Reich. Ruling with an iron fist within a silk glove, he disbanded the aristocracy and established naturally hierarchy. They pride themselves on their army's size, military power, and secret police. The Mel Reich became a police state with far left, socialist economic policies, but strict, authoritarian social policies.

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