The Crimson Entente

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Basic Details
Founded 21 August 2018
Color Red
Status Defunct
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President Parrish
Vice President 0026
Secretary of Economics Yuri B Molotov
Secretary of the Courts Nicolas I
Secretary of Defense Kru
Secretary of Foreign Affairs NinjamasterX
Secretary of Internal Affairs Aussie Bruce
As of 16 Dec 2018 - 16 Jan 2019
Total Nations 37
Score 31,439.24
Average Score 849.71
Alliance Rank #57
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate Acadia
Protectorate United Purple Nations
ODP The Dixie Union
PIAT United Hoods

The Crimson Entente (TCE) was an alliance in the red colour bloc.

It was one of the few democratic alliances of Orbis, having a constitution and elections every month.

Parrish, the President of The Crimson Entente, at the time, decided to disband the Crimson Entente due to the chaos and losses caused by the war between the Crimson Entente and Nova Riata.

Many of the Crimson Entente's leadership created a new democratic alliance together, but soon raiders and other found it and wanted to snatch a piece of their already diminished wealth.

The remnants of the Crimson Entente are now scattered all around the Orbis, in various alliances, some of them still keep in touch.

Current Government Edit

The Crimson Entente Government consisted of three branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

Executive Branch Edit

  • President: Parrish
  • Vice President: 0026
  • Secretary of Economics: Yuri B Molotov
  • Secretary of the Courts: Nicolas I
  • Secretary of Defense: Kru
  • Secretary of Foreign Affairs: NinjamasterX
  • Secretary of Internal Affairs: Aussie Bruce

Legislative Branch Edit

  • Congress Facilitator: Kryptonox
  • Congressman: Vacant
  • Congressman: Vacant
  • Congressman: Vacant

Judicial Branch Edit

  • Chief Justice: Wilhelm von Rhein
  • Court Justice: Vacant
  • Court Justice: Walter I

Previous High-Governments Edit

+ Oct 5 - Nov 5 Nov 5 | Dec 10 | Jan 5
Party Unaffiliated Unaffiliated Unaffiliated Unaffiliated Unaffiliated | Industry Party
President Sean Anthony Asierth Freya Parrish Parrish
Vice President Freya Parrish Slw Slw | 0026
Minister of FA 0026 0026 | NinjamasterX
Minister of Defense 0026 Kru
Minister of IA Aussie Bruce
Minister of Econ Balthazar
Minister of Court N/A N/A N/A N/A Dennriech

Elections Edit

1st 2nd 3rd (Suspected)
A Feya/Parrish (Unaffiliated) Parrish/Slw (Unaffiliated) Nick/NinjamasterX

(TCE Pirate Party)

B 0026/Balthazar (Unaffiliated) 0026/Balthazar (TCE Industry Party) 0026/Parrish

(TCE Industry Party)

A-B 12-3 6-6 (Winner decided by council) ?

Parties Edit

TCE Industry Party Edit

TCE Pirate Party Edit

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