The Crimson Entente

Flag of The Crimson Entente

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Basic Details
Founded 21 August 2018
Color Red
Status Defunct
Discord Server Join Here
President Parrish
Vice President Nando
Minister of Foreign Affairs Tarek
Ministry of Defense Justin Trudeau
Ministry of Economics GodBuild
Ministry of Internal Affairs N/A
As of 26. Sep 2019
Total Nations 16
Score 18,348
Average Score 1,146
Alliance Rank 70
Active Blocs
Active Treaties


This alliance was annexed into Golden Phoenix Coalition.

The Crimson Entente (TCE) is an alliance in the red colour bloc.

It is one of the few democratic alliances of Orbis, having a constitution and elections every month.

History Edit

Foundation Edit

The Crimson Entente was founded in 21th of August 2018 by Sean Anthony.

Sean Coup Edit

Parrish and Ben Shapiro decided to Coup Sean Anthony on August 29th of 2019 because he made a deal with BoC and GPC and he went back on it. His default on the deal warranted an attack by BoC and GPC. Parrish, Vice President at the time, decided it would be best to Coup Sean and move forward.

Nova Riata War Edit

As the Knightfall was raging all over the orbis, The Crimson Entente, having still avoided the war, hit on warring alliances in desire for raid loot. Nova Riata retaliated and then started emptying their nuclear arsenals on Crimson Entente members, of which some deleted nations due to the devastating nuclear strikes.

Disbanding Edit

Parrish, the President of The Crimson Entente, at the time, decided to disband the Crimson Entente in 16 of January 2019 due to the chaos and losses caused by the war between the Crimson Entente and Nova Riata.

After the disbandment of The Crimson Entente, some of the former government officials and members formed up a new alliance, Lanchester, using the remaining money of The Crimson Entente's banks and hoping for a fresh start.

Things seemed promising until the fairy dust was shaken off their shoulders and raiders started to dive in for their cut of this weak, newfound alliance. Lanchester was eventually disbanded and the former members of The Crimson Entente spread all across the orbis into various alliances.

Reformation Edit

The Crimson Entente was reformed as of 15th of July 2019 by President Parrish.

Merge Edit

The Second Crimson Entente merged into the Golden Phoenix Coalition on October 7, 2020.

Wars Edit

Knightfall Nova Riata Loss

Gallery Edit

Flags Edit

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