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The Continuation
Part of the Ayyslamic Crusade
Date April 18, 2018 - May 2, 2018
Result White peace
Preceded by
Ayyslamic Crusade
Succeeded by
Dance Dance Revolution

Orange Defense Network Flag.png
Orange Defense Network

The Golden Horde Flag.png
The Golden Horde
Imperium of Man Flag.png
Imperium of Man


Orange Defense Network Flag.png OsRavan

The Golden Horde Flag.png Buorhann
Imperium of Man Flag.png Arnout

36,694 Score
28 Nations
120,000 Score
80 Nations
Casualties and losses
1.503 Billion Dollars 0.315 Billion Dollars
  • Damage totals do not include damage done in the preceding war, where the bulk of the damage was done.
  • Damage totals include value of infra, units and cash loot lost, cash loot gained.

The Continuation was a carry-over war from the Ayyslamic Crusade between Orange Defense Network and The Golden Horde. Shortly after all combatants of the Ayylsamic Crusade signed peace, Orange Defense Network withdrew from the agreement and announced that they would continue a state of hostilities with The Golden Horde, who was the alliance to first engage them in the global war.

After about 2 weeks of fighting, all parties agreed on white peace.