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The Commonwealth

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Flag of The Commonwealth

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Basic Details
Founded 7 October 2016
Headquarters North America
Color Maroon
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
Prime Minister RightHonourable
Chief of Staff Jeric
Chancellor of the Exchequer Christian Dahl
Foreign Secretary Azazel
Home Secretary Dillon I
First Lord of the Admiralty Pericles
As of 12, Sept 2021
Total Nations 69
Score 294,286.80
Average Score 4,265.05
Alliance Rank 8
Active Blocs
Member Mystery Inc
Active Treaties
MDoAP The Ampersand
MDoAP Weebunism
MDoAP Aurora
MDoAP Farkistan
Protectorate Rothschild Family
Protectorate The Dominion
Protectorate Goon Squad

The Commonwealth (TCW) was founded on October 7th 2016. The Commonwealth is a maroon alliance formerly based out of North America. The Commonwealth values growth and strength through unity and is historically known for low taxes.

The Commonwealth is a maroon alliance based out of North America. The Commonwealth values growth and strength through unity and is historically known for low taxes also the values of sovereignty and protection carried over from GPA as did orientation to whale growth and transparency and government still being accountable to members. For example, lying to members or making decisions that are still impeachable offenses to any government member especially for Prime Minister. Also the valuing of freedom of speech, not censoring our members and coup-culture carried over from GPA. So TCW is GPA without the neutrality, which doesn´t mean though we have to take s*** from our allies like some." ~Kalev60~ From the tCW Propaganda Channel (11/23/2019).



The Commonwealth was founded by Justin076, Queen M, Kalev60, Martbhell, Gills, Francisco II, Sven Shieldmaker and Tristar Majesitca on October 7th, 2016. The alliance was founded out of the ashes of the late Green Protection Agency, after the agency council approved the first charter and unanimously disbanded the alliance to form the Commonwealth. Upon it's foundation, The Commonwealth was protected by The Knights Radiant.

On the 16th of October, the Commonwealth formally announced its Declaration of Existence in Orbis.

55 Days into its existence, the Commonwealth was ranked as the 16th largest alliance in Orbis by score; and by the 23rd of December, the Commonwealth entered its first alliance war against Valyria. The Commonwealth entered this conflict at the request of its ally Obelisk and to seek vengeance for Valyria's extortion attempt against the Green Protection Agency in October of the same year. TCW's contribution to the conflict was minima. However, the conflict was historical and considered a game changer for the members of the alliance who, for the most part, came from the GPA who had been a neutral alliance for it's entire existence.

Just a few days following the conclusion of Dio's War on Christmas, The Commonwealth entered it's second armed conflict, this time at the request of its protector, The Knights Radiant. This time, The Commonwealth had declared war against Arrgh and Roz Wei and had skirmishes with Terminus Est. This was TCW's first full mobilization for an offensive war effort and proved to many within the PnW community that TCW did in fact have some formidable fighting capability. Despite being a relatively small protectorate of The Knights Radiant, TCW had finished fourth in infrastructure destroyed, fifth in Tanks killed and fourth in Aircraft killed among its coalition members.[1]

On the 6th of January 2017, elections were held for the Triumvir of Foreign Affairs after Tristar Majistica retires, with Queen M being the victor.

On 20th January 2017, the First Charter of The Commonwealth Charter came into force, and the triumvirate system inherited from the Green Protection Agency was disbanded. This charter effectively cuts rememnents of the A prime ministerial system was introduced and elections held. Justin076 wins the election and is installed as its first Prime Minister.

On the 25th of April 2017, the Commonwealth forum, inherited from the Green Protection Agency, was disbanded in favor of Discord as a means of storing files, and communication between members.

On 10th February 2018, founder Justin076 resigns from the Office of Prime Minister of the Commonwealth, and by the 16th Justin leaves the alliance thus, concludes the Foundation era of The Commonwealth. By this time the alliance had reached 51 members. As his successor, Felkey was appointed to the role as the second Prime Minister of the Commonwealth.

Established History

On 14th May 2018, a merger was agreed to between the Commonwealth and Pantheon by the Felkey government and the Ridcully government respectively. This merger failed as Ridcully unexpectedly stood down as Titan, and allowed The Emperor (the new account of Fistandantilus) to take his place. The Olympians and deities of Pantheon launched a failed rebellion against The Emperor, and subsequently led a mass exodus from Pantheon, with the majority of ex-Pantheon members moving into the Commonwealth.

On 16th May 2018, Felkey abolished the Ministry of state, and replaced it with the Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Finance respectively, to handle the high influx of nations fleeing from instability and uncertainty from Pantheon. The partial is followed by five months of unbroken economic prosperity and membership growth

On 17th May 2018, former Pantheon Olympian of Economics Sphinx (de-facto leader of the Pantheon government in-exile) formally cut constitutional ties between the former Pantheon government and the new government in Pantheon and fully integrated ex-Pantheon members into the Commonwealth.

On 5th August 2018, the then Acting Prime Minister: Julian Rederic Gray, shifted the alliance colour from the unstable and low valued Red Alliance colour bloc into the Aqua colour bloc which was seen as a more stable colour and higher valued colour.

On 5th September 2018, the second Charter of The Commonwealth comes into force after a two-thirds majority of members voted in favour of the second Charter.

On 9th October 2018, the Commonwealth protectorate: Infinity declares disbandment. Half of their membership merged into the Commonwealth, while the other half merged into Seven Kingdoms.

On 15th December 2018, Felkey resigns as Prime Minister after weeks of vacation. Subsequently Purplemoon/Yui became interim Prime Minister.

On 6th February 2019, the government changed the alliance colour from Aqua to Green, which was seen as a higher valued colour.

From February 15th to February 18th 2019, The Commonwealth held Prime Ministerial elections, as per the rules in the Charter. Sphinx won a decisive victory in the election and became the Fourth Prime Minister of the Commonwealth.

On March 27th 2019, The Underground merges into the Commonwealth after an agreement was made between Sphinx and RightHonorable.

On April 22nd 2019, The Commonwealth alongside Frontier Records joins the Covenant bloc with UPN and Acadia.

On October 26th 2019, Electric Space merges into the Commonwealth after an agreement was made between Sphinx and Jordan Dee.

On November 1st 2019, Sphinx created the Ministry of Communications to handle automated processes within the alliance.

On November 13th 2019, The Hansetic League merges into the Commonwealth after an agreement was made between Sphinx and Putmir Vladin.

On November 28th 2019, Sphinx created the Ministry of Growth to handle membership approval and the academy.

On January 17th 2020, Sphinx shifted the alliance color from Green to Lime after several attacks on the value of the Green color during the Dial Up War caused its bonus rate to tumble.

From February 19th to February 24th 2020, the Commonwealth held a snap Prime Ministerial election to solidify Sphinx's political support in the alliance. Sphinx won a decisive majority vote, and his Prime Ministerial term was renewed.

On March 23rd 2020, the government rolled out a variety of streamlining and thematic reforms to further align the alliance to a more British/Commonwealth theme. This included the establishment of the Great Offices of State, expansion of government roles, and the replacement of Official Advisers with the Privy Council.

On April 27th 2020, the Commonwealth established a Crown Dependency called the Hanseatic League.

On April 30th 2020, the total GDP of the Commonwealth (The Commonwealth + Purple Flower Garden + The Hanseatic League) reached one trillion.

On October 27th 2020, Sphinx stepped down as Prime Minister of The Commonwealth and immediately went into Vacation Mode citing "IRL issues". Putmir Vladin was appointed as an interim Prime Minister until such time as elections were concluded. War was declared by Quack Sphere against The Commonwealth and other parties starting Global War 16 three days later.

On December 15 2020, The Commonwealth officially signed into The Swamp.

Elections were held from December 28th 2020 to January 3rd 2021 to elect a new Prime Minister. Putmir Vladin did not run for election following his interim leadership of the alliance.

RightHonourable was elected as the Sixth Prime Minister and took office on January 4th, 2021. Julian Redric Gray, the former Acting Prime Minister, came out of retirement to become RightHonourable's Chief of Staff.

On January 6 2021, The Covenant bloc was dissolved with United Purple Nations and The Commonwealth parting ways.

On May 1 2021, The Commonwealth invoked the cancellation clause of the Swamp bloc treaty in the fallout of the Swamp Collapse.

On May 20 2021, The Commonwealth along with other signatory alliances joined to form Mystery Inc.

The Commonwealth Government

The Commonwealth is a democratic alliance led by the position of the Office of Prime Minister. The legitimacy and the governing structures of the alliance are determined by the Charter

The Commonwealth is governed by a democratically elected Prime Minister and a cabinet of their choosing. The Prime Minister serves as the executive, head of government, head of the alliance, leader of the cabinet and is the commander-in-chief of the military. The Prime Minister appoints a cabinet, whom which he/she delegates certain tasks and jobs to. The Prime Minister has no term limits, and an election occurs only when the Prime Minister's seat is left vacant, or when the Prime Minister chooses to hold a snap election at his/her own discretion.

Office of Prime Minister:

Great Officers of State:

  • Chancellor of the Exchequer: Christian Dahl
  • First Lord of the Admiralty: Pericles
  • Home Secretary: Dillion I
  • Foreign Secretary: Azazel

Ministers of State:

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeric
  • Minister of Internal Affairs: Lionstar, Star_Tube
  • Ministers of Defence: Lee II
  • Minister of Recruitment: Isaacdnz
  • Ministers of Communications: JDTech
  • Ministers of Finance: LukeTP, Rhys I

Privy Council:

  • Grand Chamberlain: Lionstar
  • Minion Aficionado: Julian Rederic Gray
  • Chief Viking: Sven Shieldmaker
  • Drunk Alex Jones: Kalev60
  • Archwizard: Ridcully
The Prime Ministers of The Commonwealth
First Prime Minister of The Comonwealth Justin076 January 17th, 2017 - February 10th, 2018
Second Prime Minister of The Commonwealth Felkey February 10th, 2018 - December 15th 2018
Acting Prime Minister of The Commonwealth Julian Rederic Gray August 5th, 2018 - August 6th, 2018
Third Prime Minister of The Commonwealth (Interim) Purplemoon/Yui December 15th, 2018 - February 18th, 2019
Fourth Prime Minister of The Commonwealth Sphinx February 18th, 2019 - October 27th, 2020
Fifth of The Commonwealth (Interim) Putmir Vladin October 27th, 2020 - January 3rd, 2021
Sixth and Current Prime Minister of The Commonwealth (Interim) RightHonorable January 4th, 2021 - Incumbent

Note* Interim Prime Minister is a person appointed/accepted by The cabinet and or The Charter when a Prime Minister resigns, while Acting Prime Minister is The Chief of Staff or a Great Officer of State taking on duties temporarily from the Prime Minister in Accordance with/as stated in the Charter.

Chiefs of Staff of The Commonwealth
First Chief of Staff of The Commonwealth QueenM January 17th, 2017 - January 24th, 2017
Second Chief of Staff of The Commonwealth Turner January 25th, 2017 - November 15th, 2017
Third Chief of Staff of The Commonwealth Felkey November 15th, 2017 - February 10th, 2018
Fourth Chief of Staff of The Commonwealth Julian Redric Gray May 23rd, 2018 - September 5th, 2018
Fifth Chief of Staff of The Commonwealth Purplemoon/Yui September 5th, 2018 - January 3rd, 2021
Sixth and Current Chief of Staff of The Commonwealth Julian Redric Gray January 5th, 2021 - February 7th, 2021
Seventh and Current Chief of Staff of The Commonwealth Jeric February 7th - Incumbent

Foreign Relations & Treaties


  • Dominion - Diamond City
  • Part of Mystery Inc
  • MDoAP - Dark Brotherhood
  • MDoAP - Global Alliance & Treaty Organization
  • MDoAP - United Socialist Nations
  • MDoAP - Weebunism
  • MDoAP - Aurora
  • MDoAP - Farkistan
  • Protectorate - Rothschild Family
  • Protectorate - The Dominion
  • Protectorate - Goon Squad


  • MDP - Spanish Armada
  • MDP - The Revolutionary Front
  • MDP - Resplendent Inc
  • MDP - Obelisk
  • ODP - Knights Templar
  • MDoAP - Acadia
  • MnDoAP - The United Empire of Zah'Aharon
  • MDoAP - Black Knights
  • MDoAP - The Knights Radiant
  • MDoAP - Guardian
  • MDoAP - Frontier Records
  • MDoAP - United Purple Nations
  • MDoAP - Dark Brotherhood
  • Dominion - Purple Flower Garden
  • Dominion - The Hanseatic League
  • Protectorate - Infinity
  • Protectorate - Cobra Kai Dojo
  • Protectorate - Resplendent Inc (2)
  • Protectorate - The Dixie Union
  • Protectorate - House Arryn
  • Protectorate - iSTEM
  • Protectorate - United Nations Space Command
  • Protectorate - The Hanseatic League
  • Protectorate - The Ronin Empire
  • Protectorate - Wizards Citadel
  • Protectorate - Golden Phoenix Coalition
  • Protectorate - micro pockyclypse
  • Protectorate - Ordo Draconis
  • NAP - Dark Brotherhood
  • MDoAP - Terminus Est



Opponent Leadership Outcome
Dio's War on Christmas Valyria Justin076, Kalev60 Victory
Papers, Please Terminus Est, Arrgh, Roz Wei Justin076 Victory
The Trail of Tiers Polaris, Acadia, Lordaeron, Viridian Entente Justin076 Victory
Bank Heist War Imperium Romanum Justin076 Victory
Strategic Arms Limitation Talks World Task Force, Fark, Nuclear Knights, Spanish Armada Felkey White Peace
Dance Dance Revolution The Golden Horde, Knights Templar Felkey Victory
Knightfall Syndisphere-Inquisition coalition Felkey, Yui Coalition Defeat/Surrender
Nova's Cheat Day Nova Riata Sphinx Victory
NPO's Last Time KETOG-Rose-CHAOS coalition Sphinx White Peace
Great Leak War MinesomeMC-BoC-Camelot-Opus Dei Coalition Sphinx Victory
Global War 15 Hedge-Swamp coalition Sphinx Coalition Defeat/Surrender
Global War 16 Quack sphere Putmir Vladin Victory
Floridian Missionary Work Knights Templar Right Honorable Victory
The Last Ride Quack sphere Right Honorable Coalition Defeat/Surrender

Culture and Symbols

The membership of the Commonwealth is a diverse mix of players from around the world, with the most predominant population sect being the East Coast of North America, followed by the United Kingdom and Australia.

The promotion of the Commonwealth abroad primarily revolves around propaganda and opinion pieces written by Kalev60 in the tcw-propaganda channel.

The Commonwealth Flag

The first Commonwealth flag was a simple black cross with a red background. This flag was made to quickly rally its new members to the flag due to the rapid and hasty nature of the alliance's formation.

First flag of the Commonwealth.png
The Commonwealth Christmas Flag.png

Successive flags of The Commonwealth revolves around a tree symbolizing longevity, branches of the tree and leaves being connected signaling unity and brotherhood, and the roots signaling the life long connection to something far older. The background color indicated the alliance color, while war flags have black or dark backgrounds. Over the years, additional decorations indicated real life festivities.

The Commonwealth Flag.png
The Commonwealth War Flag.png