The Cold Void of Sithis

Dark Brotherhood
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Treaty Type: ODP
Treaty Signed: August 29, 2018
Treaty Terminated: August 10, 2019
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Cold Void of Sithis is an Optional Defense Pact signed between Dark Brotherhood and Polaris on August 29, 2018.

"The North threw everything it had at the assassin as he trained to survive in the dreadful cold - starvation due the lack of penguins and large game, disease, and oh, the blasted cold! Walking on the frozen wasteland, the assassin came upon a Polar(is) Bear, both quietly nodding, their understanding in mutual respect as they went on their separate ways through the snow storm. Wanna know what happens when an assassin and a polar bear walk into a bar? Well I guess we'll find out now..."

Article I - Sovereignty

Both alliances and their esteemed members shall hereby respect the sovereignty of each other, and agree to settle any dispute internally.

Article II - Non-Aggression

Neither of the signatory alliances shall engage in or endorse military action against the other. If a member nation is found in violation of this clause, that member will be ordered to offer peace and appropriate reparations as agreed upon by both alliances.

Article III - Intelligence

Both alliances agree to share intelligence if it concerns the sovereignty and well-being of the other. Such intelligence is to be shared as soon as possible.

Article IV - Optional Defense

Each signatory has the right to ask the other to come to their defense. Such aid can be in the form of military, economic, and diplomatic assistance. However, there is no obligation of either party to offer such aid, such aid being optional by both signatories. Each signatory must also respect the decision of the other, both in the affirmative or the negative case.

Article V - Cancellation and Confirmation

Each signatory has the right to cancel this treaty. However, they must provide a the other with a 72 hour notice of their decision to cancel. After this period of time, this treaty will be considered nullified. Both parties agree to reconvene after 3 months to confirm if they wish to continue with the terms of this document.


Signed for Dark Brotherhood

Listeners Daveth and Yoda
Keeper: Chezstick
Speaker of Deception (FA): Daveth
Speaker of Destruction (MA): Daveth
Speaker of Indoctrination (IA): Yoda
Speaker of Avarice (EA): Derp Derp

Signed for Polaris

Emperor: AlmightyGrub
Regent: WSxPhoenix
Minister of Love: Narcissist
Minister of Peace: Kriegskoenig
Minister of Plenty: Deja
Minister of Truth: Boki

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