The Coal Mines

Flag of The Coal Mines

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Basic Details
Founded 1 June, 2020
Color darkblue
Status Active
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Coal King
  • Nokia Rokia
Coal Council
  • Caspian XII
  • Evernt
  • Polar Bear the Great
  • Bree
  • Justinian II
  • SlickNick
  • ShadowFireZ3r0
  • RebL
As of 26 June, 2020
Total Nations 20
Score 30,847.66
Average Score 1,542.38
Alliance Rank #66
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDoAP Weebunism
MDoAP Golden Phoenix Coalition
Protectorate The Freedom Empire

The Coal Mines (2nd), also know as TCM, was formed on June 1st, 2020; as a rebrand of Clover Kingdom. It's theme is a reformation of The Coal Mines (1st) which was formed by Nokia Rokia and Evernt.

Treaties Edit

Active Edit

Former Edit

Conflicts Edit

Conflict Opponents Date Result
A Swampy Situation The Swamp Bloc, United Socialist Nations June 30, 2020 -

July 21, 2020

White Peace
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