The Coal Mines, A work in progress.
The Coal Mines

The Coal Mines Flag
Flag of The Coal Mines

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Basic Details
Founded June 1st 2019
Color Aqua
Status Active
Coal King Nokia Rokia
Coal Prince Evernt
Coal Lord Jason Escolano
Coal Count Hans Moleman, Marshmellowey,

Oily OIlington, and Malthus I

As of July 7th 2019
Total Nations 25
Score 17,719.81
Average Score 708.79
Alliance Rank 69th
Active Blocs
MDoAP The Confederation
Active Treaties
Protectorate Electric Space
MDoAP Weebunism
MDoAP The Socialist League
MDoAP Association of Military Composite
MDoAP Amestris
ODoAP Hydra
ODoAP The Originals
ODoAP Elite Democratic Republic

General Info about The Coal Mines

The Coal Mines was established on June 1st by Nokia Rokia, quickly followed by Evernt joining on the 2nd/3rd. The plans to create an alliance between these existed for sometime however some events accelerated the creation of the alliance. The name was derived from Nokia's obsession of coal and at first it was a joke, but they soon fell in love with the name.




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