This alliance has disbanded.

The Coal Mines

The Coal Mines Flag
Flag of The Coal Mines

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Basic Details
Founded June 1st 2019
Color Aqua
Status Disbanded
Coal King Evernt
As of November 24, 2019
Total Nations 13
Score 7,891.84
Average Score 607.06
Alliance Rank 89
Active Blocs
MDoAP Astra
Active Treaties
MDoAP Weebunism
MDoAP Amestris
MDoAP North Point
MDoAP Golden Phoenix Coalition
MDoAP Brotherhood of the Clouds

General Info about The Coal Mines Edit

The Coal Mines was established on June 1st by Nokia Rokia, quickly followed by Evernt joining on the 2nd/3rd. The plans to create an alliance between these existed for sometime however some events accelerated the creation of the alliance. The name was derived from Nokia's obsession of coal and at first it was a joke, but they soon fell in love with the name.

at hieght TCM reached 98k score 70 members TCM had a City 12 average

TCM had a central economy and was the main founder of the Astra Bloc due to Nokias lazyness he asked Akuryo to make the treaty which ended up in akuryo having solar make it

In November 2019, The Goons attacked The Coal Mines. The aggression caused most of TCM's members to leave the alliance, including all the Government except for Evernt. As a result, TCM's NS dropped from about 98k to less than 8k.

In November 29, 2019, The Coal Mines Disband following Goons peace Terms Pantheon Tries to take Credit.

TCM is a Alliance which became a multi game community in PnW spreading to a few browser games and Albion Online 

TCM fought in 9 wars to include GW14 twice

TCM membership formed the original core of the Alliance CK(Clover Kingdom) and continues to send its members of other games to CK

sides the very few TCM members in The Immortals which Nokia was a lil upset about but stopped caring

the goal of TCM is to have fun and grow as a community politics dont matter




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