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The Clone Wars
Part of the Micro Wars
The Clone Wars.png

19 September 2021 - 30 September 2021
(Duration: 11 days)

Casus belli
  • Military Training
Result UIPAW Coalition Victory
  • House of Tragedy, Pacific Federal Union, 4th World Federation Surrender
  • 1 Month NAP
Preceded by
The Hunt for the Holy Grail
Defcon 770
Succeeded by
Seven Hour War
Mystery Inc.jpg
Mystery Inc

Aurora Flag.png
Weebunism FlagV2.png

USN flag.png
United Socialist Nations
IRON flag.png
Independent Republic of Orange Nations
VIC flag.png
Prima Victoria

The Noble Federation Flag.png
The Noble Federation
Pacific Federal Union Flag.png
Pacific Federal Union  Surrendered
The Axsis Flag.png
The Axsis
The 4th World Federation Flag.png
The 4th World Federation  Surrendered
Flag of the USSR.png
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics  White Peace
House of Tragedy Flag.png
House of Tragedy  Surrendered
Milk flag.gif


Aurora Flag.png Kan0601
Aurora Flag.png Michal Aoun
Aurora Flag.png Misko Jones III
Weebunism FlagV2.png Empiur
Weebunism FlagV2.png Baam
Weebunism FlagV2.png Anri
USN flag.png DarVolt
USN flag.png Matrix
IRON flag.png Winston Morrison
IRON flag.png Robert2424
VIC flag.png MinesomeMC
VIC flag.png Cazaron

The Noble Federation Flag.png Harry XVIII
The Noble Federation Flag.png Ivan the second
Pacific Federal Union Flag.png Augustus IIV  Surrendered
Pacific Federal Union Flag.png Warlord  Surrendered
The Axsis Flag.png Kermit the frogs  Surrendered
The Axsis Flag.png Kanye South-East
The 4th World Federation Flag.png Bucket  Surrendered
Flag of the USSR.png Mao Zedong  White Peace
House of Tragedy Flag.png Garold I  Surrendered
Milk flag.gif President bayanda

Casualties and losses
$1.4b $2.9b

The Clone Wars is a micro war that started when the training alliances of Weebunism and Aurora, alongside United Socialist Nations and Independent Republic of Orange Nations, blitzed Union of Soviet Socialist Republics's protectorates The Axsis, Pacific Federal Union, and The Noble Federation. The micro The 4th World Federation was also hit in the crossfire of the conflict. The whole premise of the war was a military training exercise amongst the Mystery Inc training alliances and allies. Due to the lack of targets, House of Tragedy would also be blitzed by Prima Victoria and allies.

UIPAW Coalition

UIPAW is an acronym that represents the members of the coalition that it represents. They are as follows

  • U - United Socialist Nations
  • I - Independent Republic of Orange Nations
  • P - Prima Victoria
  • A - Aurora & Borealis
  • W - Weebunism & Otaku Shougaku

5 turn War with USSR

IRON and USSR would get into direct conflict over some mishap. So, alongside Aurora, Weebunism, and United Socialist Nations; Prima Victoria would blitz USSR in defense of IRON. USSR would after the blitz be picked up by Waffle House. It would later be discovered that IRON confused USSR counters on a member who hit USSR, with actual attacks on its alliance so the war would be quickly peaced.

Mass-Deletion & Micro Chaos

For unknown reasons, a couple of the micros would have members delete their accounts. Leader of the Axsis, Kermit the frogs, would leave his alliance during war to join Ikea leaving Kayne South-East as his replacement. The leader of the Noble Federation, Harry XVIII, would delete his nation and be replaced by Ivan the Second.

Treaty of Dover

On September 25th, 2021, House of Tragedy agreed to surrender to the coalition forces. The peace agreement was ratified by Prima Victoria, and signed by the UIPAW coalition and House of Tragedy on September 26th, 2021. The terms were that House of Tragedy would admit defeat, all current wars would be peaced or finished, and a 1-Month NAP would be signed ending on October 26, 2021.

Treaty of Bristol

On September 27, 2021; the alliance The 4th World Federation signed a treaty of surrender to the UIPAW Coalition. The treated is a direct copy of Treaty of Dover, except that the 1-Month NAP ends on October 28th, 2021.

Treaty of Honolulu

The Treaty of Honolulu would be the final peace treaty, ending the conflict as a UIPAW victory. The other 3 micros would be disregarded as they are either too unstable to make peace terms or just not involved enough to be peaced out with. The treaty is also a clone of the other two, but the NAP ends on October 29th, 2021.