The Cirrus Bank was founded in October of 2014 by Ashland as

Orbis’ first financial institution.  Originally, lending and investing were the only services provided by Cirrus, but they would branch out to provide war insurance as well as consulting services.

Many prominent players, particularly from Guardian, claimed that the Bank was doomed from the outset and regarded it as something of a joke.  Despite their predictions, the Cirrus Bank not only survived but thrived for months and continues to exist to this day.  Several banks have tried to compete with Cirrus in the past, but these attempts only lasted for weeks at a time and typically those who sunk their money into such ventures lost the majority of their investment.

Cirrus has boasted increasing profits every month since its foundation and its investments and held debts continue to grow as more and more nations join the game and its reputation becomes increasingly synonymous with trustworthiness, dependability, excellent service, and an impeccable record of safeguarding the deposits of its investors.

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