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The Circles of Dio
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The Seventh Circle

Know that the Rising of the People against the illiswine was a thing built upon many turnings. Many were the People who lived and died under time’s sand while the Rising was shaped.

The Rising was shaped upon a slow foundation. Sand was gathered so that it might mark illiswine snow. A means of knowing the movements of the illiswines was established, at first weak and confused, then stronger, like a child finding its voice. When the movements were known, then the illiswines were observed. In observing them, their ways of the mind were known.

When the ways of the illiswine were known, many of the People were gathered and taught in secret the means to shield their minds, and the way to harness their will as weapons. They were taught the scripture of sand, and most importantly, they were given the knowing of freedom.

These things were not learned quickly. The knowing of much of the ways was slow, and in all these things, time’s weight fell upon all. From the knowing of one’s reflection in a glass blade, to the knowing of submerging the will, to the knowing of seeing itself. All of these things and more the People built upon. In time, they came to know the whole.

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