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The Circles of Dio
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The Sixth Circle

Upon the Blasted Desert, Dio told Falc there cannot be two worlds. In the wake of his words, came peace.

Upon the Blasted Desert, the People had achieved victory over their illiswine masters. They knew freedom.

Yet before the green fires had died from the battlefield, Falc spoke of continuing the war. Many, still filled with the bloodlust in their hearts, agreed with her. She spoke of not merely defeating the illiswine, but destroying all illiswines across the Planes. After the illiswines had been exterminated, they would bring peace to all other races they encountered.

In Falc’s heart, fires raged. She lived in peace, and in peace, she knew herself. All that her eyes saw, she wanted to conquer.

Dio spoke the beginnings of that which was against Falc’s will. He spoke that the People already knew freedom. Now they should know themselves again and mend the damage that had been done to the People. Behind his words were many other hearts of the People who were weary of the war against the illiswine.

Know that Falc’s heart was not Dio’s heart on this matter. She said that the peace would continue. The illiswine would be destroyed. Their snow would be no more. Then the People would claim the False Worlds as their own. Falc told Dio that they would be under the same world in this matter. The words were like bared sand.

From Dio came the Pronouncement of Za Warudo. In the wake of his words came peace.

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