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This alliance has disbanded.

The British Empire

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Flag of The British Empire

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Basic Details
Headquarters Europe
Status Defunct
Active Blocs
Active Treaties

Flag of the British Empire from 1992-


Early History 1989-1992

With the mass break up of commonwealth nations in the 1970's and later international insurability of the 90's. It was decided among a few old commonwealth nations to reform the empire, and create an alliance that through both diplomacy and war would again become a leading world power.

The British Empire was first created in 1989 orbis time. Founded by William Phillips and Chapman the alliance then known as "The Empire" grew to a size of around 2000 points. Including nations such as Canada, The Commonwealth of Australia Israel, British Columbia and Fiji.

By 1990 things were running smoothly however a series of small skirmishes with other raiding factions known as the "First Bush Wars" led to several thousand casualty's on The Empires side and a server reduction in points having all its members under 300 score.

Flag of the British Empire from 1989-1992

After several more weeks of slow recovery The Empire was again attacked and this time decisevly beaten by raiders from the Global Defence Administration (GDA)"The Second Bush War". After this war The Empire went into hiding and in 1992 regrouped in the Alliance The Evenstar Empire.

Mid History 1993-1995

By 1993 "The Empire" was known as "The British Empire." As well as a firm member of The Evenstar Empire. From here steady growth and recruitment into the British Empire continued till finally in early 1995 it was decided a merge with The Kings Parliament would be more suitable. During The British Empires time with The Evenstar Empire they engaged in the Charming War and many other smaller engagements. It must be noted that The kindness, generosity and friendship offered by the Evenstar Empire has placed The British Empire in a great debt of unpayable amount. The British Empire still does owe full loyalty to the Evenstar and his people.

Flag of the British East Indies


In 1997 after some time with the Kings Parliament and playing a small role as "The British Empire Party" and assiting in the Third Great War under TKP's ranks The British Empire then decided independence was necessary.

From 1997 onward The British Empire has been a small scale independent alliance protected by the Evenstar Empire. It wishes to grow both economically and diplomatically to be a positive part of Orbis.

The British Empire at this time is setting up a colony known as 'The British East Indies' it is planned in a few weeks that The British Empire will re-emerge with that name but for the current they are occupied with setting up this post for the empire.

Recruitment Drives. Some of the Possible AD's and Propaganda made by The British Empire.

British Empire Recruitment Poster.

British Empire Poster #2

Recruitment drive #3 for TBE