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The Bird Hunt
Date April 16-20, 2017
Casus belli Wisdom the Great owed $15 million to the Animal Empire
Result GPC agrees to pay $15 mil; GPC-AE 3 month NAP; Animal Control Crusade occurs
Preceded by
The Trail of Tiers
Succeeded by
First Arrgh-Spectrum War

Golden Phoenix Coalition (1st)

Arrgh Red Flag.png Arrgh

Animal Empire Flag.png
Animal Empire


Prussia Flag.png Wisdom the Great Surrendered
Prussia Flag.png MinesomeMC
Arrgh Red Flag.png One Legged Silver

Animal Empire Flag.png Catsby
Animal Empire Flag.png Charles Dave
Animal Empire Flag.png Janblu
Animal Empire Flag.png Lostmike
Animal Empire Flag.png Whiskers

3 members

1019..98 score

13 members

5570.89 score

The Bird Hunt was a micro conflict which started when the leader of the Animal Empire declared war on the leader and officer of the Golden Phoenix Coalition. The war would have a deep impact on micros and would eventually lead up to the Animal Control Crusade.


The war was fought between two small Alliances. Though Animal Empire wishes to call it a decisive win for them, the war is considered to have been ended with a truce, with some calling it 'Peace Through Extortion'. The GPC paid the $15,000,000 and the AE can't declare war on the GPC for 3 months.

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The Golden Phoenix Coalition recognizes the war and its combatants