The Andeas-Costa Rian Conflict lasted from 1995-1996. On June 16,1995, Andeas declared war on Costa Rica after a Costa Rican Fighter attacked a village on the border. The war resulted in the Treaty of Parat, and the surrender of Costa Rica. Over 16000 men lost their lives during the conflict.

The Forces of Andeas Quickly saw difficulty capturing villages and towns through the thick forest and often got lost. On June 21,Andeas` land forces captured Army small towns and were focusing on the march to San Jose. On July 15,1995, Costa Rica was able to counter attack and defend, surrounding an army on the main front, and the Andeas` advance was slowed. On JuLy 30, Andeas was able to recapture its former occupied land and were only 20 miles out of San Jose, where the military presence was high at 9000 men. On August 2,1995, a small army of roughly 300 men threw the military forces of Andeas off guard and captured small portions of land along the border.From August 7-14,1995 there was a ceasefire, and on August 31, 1995 the siege of San Jose began, with 13000 attackers and only 9000 defenders, though the defender were better equipped. After 8 weeks, On October 24, San Jose and the San Jose suburbs were captured. Fighting continued for 2 more months, and On Christmas Day, The conflict ended and On January 3, 1996 the Treaty of Parat was signed.

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