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The Ancient Empire

The Ancient Empire Flag
Flag of The Ancient Empire

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Basic Details
Founded May 15th, 2024
Color Black
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
Emperor Naruto Uzumaki
Prime Minister Zaidi
Cabinet Ant-heny
Strategists Elisha
As of June 15th, 2024
Total Nations 26
Score 33,140.79
Average Score 1,274.65
Alliance Rank #71
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Extension Blackwater (Alliance)
MDoAP Raccoon Asylum
ODoAP The Convenience Store
ODoAP Samurai

The Ancient Empire is a black team alliance founded by Naruto Uzumaki on May 15th, 2024.


Early Phase

The Alliance was formed from a merge between The Ancients and The Ahoms on 15th May 2024. Early stages of the Alliance were slow and steady growth and it signed many M and O level treaties and most importantly a Protectorate with Black Knights.

Conflict Phase

Jakey and Naruto Uzumaki the 2 leaders of the merged alliances had some strugles and BK also recognized Jakey as the source of the Alliance's problems thus he was removed from the alliance. Jakey placed the Alliance and accepted many inactive members.

Exarchon Zaidi Phase

The new player Exarchon Zaidi despite being very new and weak managed to become the President of the Alliance and slowly the entire alliance fell into his hands as Naruto Uzumaki became more and more inactive. Later Naruto Uzumaki resigned from the leadership replacing FUB in her place a player who had no interest in managing the alliance and was only their to serve as a loyal player to Naruto during her absence with top level power. The cabinet of the Alliance wasn't compatible and the lack of activity was making it hard for Zaidi to manage the alliance.

The corruption rebellion

Before her resignation Naruto Uzumaki had not given Exarchon Zaidi and his cabinet necessary perms which was making it very hard to control the alliance though Zaidi was trying his best. FUB the new leader wasn't interested in leading he was only their on Naruto's request and was not ready to lead. Many players including most cabinet members also called him a fraud for transferring the money to an offshore though most thought he was stealing. This created a rebel group who approached the Black Knights and told them about this, The latter than agreed to end the protectorate and take in the rebel group. Blackwater (Alliance) had around this time contacted Zaidi to merge so he observed the situation and decided that merging was the best option and thus a merge took place.

Post Merge

All the discord using members merged into Black Water while some left for other alliances while the rest made of for Black Knights who according to sources also poached some nations though that is not confirmed. The remainder of non discord members remained in the alliance as an extension.

Notable Events[]



  • 15th - Foundation
  • 31st - Declaration of Existence


  • 4th-Elections
  • 6th-Exarchon Zaidi becomes the president
  • 7th-11th The Cabinet is formed
  • 20th-Naruto Uzumaki retires from leadership
  • 20th-FUB becomes new leader
  • 20th-30th The Alliance slowly gets dead


  • 6th-Black Water offers to merge
  • 7th-Corruption scandal
  • 8th-Offical merge with Black Water under Zaidi