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The Alleged Poach War
Part of the AlanFall Series
Date February 15, 2021 - February 18, 2021
(Duration: 3 Days)
Casus belli
  • Poaching by MH Speedy (leader of TIE)
  • The Order Victory
  • Liberty Defeat
The NAP War

The Order flag.png
The Order

Liberty Flag.jpg

Black Skies.jpg
Black Skies
The Coal Mines Flag 2.jpg
The Coal Mines (2nd)

Schrute Farms Flag 2.png
Schrute Farms

The Infinite Empire Flag.png
The Infinite Empire


The Order flag.png Boyce the Great
The Order flag.png David Cameron
The Order flag.png Lord Vader

Black Skies.jpg Alan
The Coal Mines Flag 2.jpg Jack Rackham
The Coal Mines Flag 2.jpg Evernt
The Coal Mines Flag 2.jpg ShadowFireZ3r0
The Coal Mines Flag 2.jpg Kermit The Frog
Schrute Farms Flag 2.png Lightside
The Infinite Empire Flag.png MH Speedy

The Alleged Poach War, also known as AlanFall 2.0, is a war that broke out on February 15th 2021 when The Order hit MH Speedy for alleged poaching of members of The Imperium. This was followed by counters from Liberty and erupted into full on conflict. The war concluded shortly after it started with an Order victory.


February 16th 2021

February 18th 2021