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This alliance has disbanded as of Unknown. (Note: Alliance no longer exists due to leader leaving.)

The Akavir Empire

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Basic Details
Status Defunct
Emperor Oskar
Minister Of Defense Jackery
Minister Of Foreign Relations Dan Mould
Minister Of Recruitment Nathan Higgins
Minister Of Foreign and Internal Affairs Oskar
Active Blocs
Active Treaties


The Akavir Empire is an up and rising alliance that is in the continent of Europe. The Emperor is currently the Most Honorable King Oskar.


Minister of Defense: Jackery

Minister of Finances: Oskar

Minister of Foreign Relations: Dan Mould

Minister of Internal Affairs: Oskar

Minister of Recruitment: Nathan Higgins


Emperor: Oskar

Prince: To be determined

Dukes: Nathan Higgins, Dan Mould, and Jackery


The Akavir Empire has always strived to achieve good foreign relations. The alliance currently has two active treaties with two active alliances. These treaties include the following:

  1. A Non-Aggression Pact (NAP) with Rose (Signed by Emperor Oskar and Imperial Guard Codonian)
  2. Protectorate with the New Flubb Order (signed by Emperor Oskar and the Holy Emperor Flubb)

The End of the Akavir Empire

The Akavir Empire alliance disbanded after the Emperor, Oskar, left for another alliance.