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That'll Buff Right Out
Part of the Great Wars
Date 29 September 2023 - 1 November 2023

(Duration: 34 days)

Casus belli Eclipse/LoD;
  • Grumpy's 7th anniversary


  • ODOO/Mayhem's actions during Ragnarök
  • Mayhem planning to hit TFP
  • Mayhem attempting to control TFP's FA
  • Mayhem's hypocrisy


  • Defence of TKR
Result WELP Victory
  • ODOO surrenders
  • 6 month NAP
  • "That'll Buff Right Out" is the official name
  • Yui to give LoD one unique, hand-drawn, purple elephant
Preceded by
Alan Tripped and Fell
Alan Tripped and Fell

Eclipse Flag
The Fighting Pacifists
Legion of Dawn Flag
Legion of Dawn

Weebunism Flag

WAP Flag
Weaponized Assault Penguins
The Media Flag
The Media


The Knights Radiant Flag
The Knights Radiant
Grumpy Old Bastards Flag
Grumpy Old Bastards
Bourbon Street
Mayhem War Flag
Black Knights Flag
Black Knights

NW War Flag Gif
Name Withheld

The Forgotten Realms Flag
The Forgotten Realms
Empire of the Romans 2nd
Empire of the Romans
MFRC Flag 2023
Moms Friendly Robot Company


Eclipse Flag Vein
Eclipse Flag Pascal
Eclipse Flag Sphinx
TFPNewFlag2023 Shwin
TFPNewFlag2023 Eriko
TFPNewFlag2023 Aligned
Legion of Dawn Flag Jeric
Legion of Dawn Flag Turk182
Legion of Dawn Flag Kan0601
Weebunism Flag Empiur
Weebunism Flag Baam
WAP Flag Arthas
WAP Flag Supercheese
The Media Flag Kevanovia
The Media Flag ToxicPepper
The Media Flag Leopold von Habsburg
The Media Flag Exar Kun

The Knights Radiant Flag Canbec
Grumpy Old Bastards Flag Presidential
Bourbon2023 Galerion
Bourbon2023 Mutedfaith
Bourbon2023 HannaH
Mayhem War Flag TigerFire
Mayhem War Flag The Titan
Black Knights Flag Brandon Donsberger
NW War Flag Gif Bezzers
NW War Flag Gif Animus
The Forgotten Realms Flag Elros Tar-Minyatur
The Forgotten Realms Flag Rein Dvorak
The Forgotten Realms Flag Cephalo
The Forgotten Realms Flag MasterChief
The Forgotten Realms Flag Rashek
Empire of the Romans 2ndTiberius Aurion
MFRC Flag 2023Malediction

Casualties and losses
$271.8b $536.2b

That'll Buff Right Out is a Great War that began on the 29th September 2023 when WELP, Weaponized Assault Penguins and The Media blitzed ODOO.

On the 3rd of October, The Media attacked Empire of the Romans, a protectorate of Black Knights. On the same day, Name Withheld protectorate Moms Friendly Robot Company joined the conflict.

On the 1st of November, ODOO surrendered to WELP.


30 September

1 November

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