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Teutonic War
Date 01-05 December 2017
Casus belli Unknown
Result White Peace with all combatants but Arrgh; Status quo with Arrgh; tTO later disbands
Preceded by
The Nothining
Succeeded by
Royal Rumble

Cobra Kai Dojo Flag.png
Cobra Kai Dojo
Roz Wei Flag 2.png
Roz Wei
Arrgh Raidmas Flag.png

Hostilities Recognized

Teutonic Order Flag.jpg
Teutonic Order


Cobra Kai Dojo Flag.png ReaverAxis
Cobra Kai Dojo Flag.png Arch
Roz Wei Flag 2.png Rozalia
Arrgh Raidmas Flag.png Ripper

Teutonic Order Flag.jpg Victor Truchev
Teutonic Order Flag.jpg Alataq

124 nations
251,076.44 score
32 nations
70,744.07 score

The Teutonic War was a war which began on December 1, 2017 when the Cobra Kai Dojo, Roz Wei, and Arrgh launched a mass assault on the Teutonic Order. Additionally a few members of Advanced Idea Mechanics, Oblivion, and Imperium Romanum declared war causing tTO to recognize hostilities with them as well. A member of Solidarity of Dragons also declared war but hostilities were not officially recognized. The war ended after the first round with a peace agreement between most parties. Despite this, tTO ended up disbanding on December 7, 2017.


On December 1, 2017, the Cobra Kai Dojo launched 14 wars, Roz Wei launched 23, and Arrgh launched 22 wars against tTO. Additionally Advanced Idea Mechanics launched 3 wars, Oblivion launched 3 wars, and Imperium Romanum launched 1 war against tTO. In response tTO recognizes hostilities with all of those alliances and countered 3 wars against Roz Wei, 4 wars against Arrgh, 1 war against AIM, and 1 war against Oblivion. A member of Solidarity of Dragons also declared 2 wars on tTO but hostilities were not officially recognized.

Throughout the conflict, tTO lost around 30,000 score and 3 members.


Near the end of the first round of wars, a peace agreement was annocuned between tTO and CKD, RW, Oblivion, AIM, and IR whereas no new wars would be declared once existing wars conclude. In it they also recognized Arrgh would likely continue raiding them following the conclusion of the conflict. Despite recognizing hostilities with Oblivion, they were not included in the agreement.

The conflict also saw a change in leadership in tTO with Alataq becoming the new leader replacing Victor Truchev.

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