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Terradoxia Exploiting Scandal
Vital statistics
Participants Jackson, last187, Herman
Date July 7, 2015
Location Terradoxia, Orbis


On 7 July 2015, several top members of Terradoxia, including government members, were banned by the game admin Sheepy due to involvement in a game exploit that spawned cash and resources.

The illegal funds were then used to grow the alliance's nations for about a month which caused a large controversy on the forums over Terradoxia's involvement, however all exploited funds received were removed from the nations of Terradoxia.


At some point, several government members of Paradoxia discovered a bug in the trade system that helped them spawn cash and resources. The cheater then began to exploit it and grow their nations all the way to the top 300 (with one becoming the #1 nation in the game) very cautiously to avoid being caught.

Some speculated that in order to better hide their unusually fast development, the cheaters decided to merge their alliance with the United States of Terra, which back then had the reputation of "nice inactive guy".

Sometime later, TDX leader Morgan asked the alliance's top nation Belgium (last187) to fund the alliance's growth program. Last187 accepted and sent over $100 million to the Terradoxia bank. The illegal money was then distributed to numerous TDX nations and made them, albeit unknowingly, participate in the exploit.

The Scandal

After having enough proof, the game admin Sheepy promptly banned several TDX nations which were either on the receiving end of the illegal money, or were the cheaters themselves.

The remaining Terradoxia government members were informed of the incident and posted a thread on the forums detailing that they had no knowledge of this and would work with Sheepy and Malone to root out the remaining cheaters and pay back the illegal funds.

The thread was received with mixed responses from the community. While some congratulated TDX government on making the right decision, the rest remained suspicious that the alliance leadership had no knowledge of the exploit while there had been proof and suspicion in the past by the rest of the player base. Some even said that this cheat could have affected the Great VE War in some way.

Morgan responded that the alliance was very inactive. Real life issues as an excuse was not received positively and was viewed by some as irresponsible, while others believed the thread was a farce and merely an attempt to save their public image.


In short, Terradoxia's reputation is now in shambles as other alliances are now very suspicious of them, even their closest ally, Brotherhood of the Clouds. Some even called it the "cheating alliance".

Sheepy, Malone, and TDX government have removed all the illegal funds and are conducting an investigation on the alliance members that received money from the cheater, and will judge whether or not they're innocent.