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{{Infobox alliance war
|conflict =
|partof =
|image =
|date =
|casus_belli =
|image =
|preceded_by =
|followed_by =
|status =
|result =
|linked = 
|force1 =
|force2 =
|force3 =
|leader1 =
|leader2 =
|leader3 =
|strength1 =
|strength2 =
|strength3 =
|casualties1 =
|casualties2 =
|casualties3 =
|notes =
conflict The most widely-recognized name for the war.
TERound (Optional) Number of the TE round the war occured in.
partof (Optional) Whatever larger war of which this war is a part (e.g. the Genmay-BoTS War was a part of the Unjust War).
image (Optional) A small image relevant to the war.
date The start and end dates of the conflict, and should be in the date() format F j, Y (e.g. January 1, 2009). If the war is ongoing, just omit the end date.
casus_belli (Optional) A brief summary of the war reason.
preceded_by Whichever major war came immediately prior.
followed_by Whichever major war came immediately afterward.
status If the war is still ongoing, use status and set the value to "Ongoing". If the war has concluded, use result and set the value to indicate the victor (or stalemate, in some cases).
backgroundcolor (Optional) Overrides color of the label's backgrounds if used.
force1 The name, flag, etc. of a force in the conflict. It is recommended to use lists in the case of more than one combatant on each force, and to include thumbnail alliance flags.
leader1 (Optional) Each force's leaders at the time of the conflict. It is recommended to use lists, and to include thumbnail alliance flags before each name.
strength1 (Optional) Each force's respective total strength. A list may be used for total nation strength, members, and nukes.
casualties1 (Optional) Each force's respective losses, usually given in total strength and member count.
awards1 (Optional) Each force's respective awards ribbons for fighting in the war
notes (Optional) Any additional information that needs to be in the infobox.
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