Tanks are used in ground battles both offensively and defensively. They are key components to winning wars and battles. One tank is worth 40 unarmed soldiers. You need one factory for every 250 tanks, and can only produce 50 tanks per day per factory.

Tanks are the only ground unit that is affected by air control, which is obtained by an enemy executing an immense triumph dogfight or airstrike (using aircraft). Air control decreases combat efficiency by 50%. As a result, it is recommended that nations use tanks as a defense unit or an attack-support unit.

As of May the 14th 2020, Tanks can now kill Aircraft after ground control has been established over the enemy (0% -> 42% of their daily rebuy). Effectively once ground control has been established your following ground attacks will be able to kill Aircraft by blowing them up on your opponents airfields

Cost, Upkeep and Required Resources Edit

Tanks cost $60 and 1 steel to create. They have a daily upkeep cost of $50 in peacetime and $75 in wartime. By default, tanks will arm themselves with any available munitions and gasoline; for every 1 munition and gasoline, 100 tanks can be used for a single battle. Tanks without munitions or gas won't operate in battle.

Tank Capacity Edit

Tanks are supported by Factories which are military city improvements. Each Factory can support a maximum of 250 Tanks, and allows you to recruit up to 50 Tanks per day.

Population Support Edit

Maximum Tank capacity is also limited by a nation's population. Your maximum Tank count cannot exceed 1.5% of your nation's population, regardless of how many Factories you have.

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