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Republic of Sylvera[]

Republic of Sylvera also known as "Sylvera" is an Island Country in Asia. It consists of 6 Islands. Omouridge is the country's capital city.

The lost island was found in Asia. Cetos were called to the earliest inhabitants.

Before, the island was called Ceto Island. and it was later declared as a country island since the landmass of the island was big enough. Their first leader who ruled Ceto Island was Ceto Leader Isylver Byllyng, a female leader who bravely helped the Cetos during an Earthquake. It was then decided to rule her as the first Ceto Leader.

The Ceto Island's name was changed into Sylvera by their Second Ceto Leader, Maud Balam to honor the first Ceto Leader.

On May 06, 2024, Sylvera was declared as a Island Country. It was ruled by Alice Fraunces. The First Ceto President of the Republic of Sylvera.

Nation's Name Origin[]

The Name was derived from the first Ceto Leader, Isylver Byllyng. It is to honor the brave female leader who helped a lot of Cetos that got affected by an earthquake.

National Flags and Coat of Arms[]

National Flag Symbols[]

Sylvera Official Great Seal[]

Great seal of sylvera

First and only official Great Seal of Sylvera


Early Age[]

In the early days of settlement, a community of indigenous people chose to make their home on what would later become known as Ceto Island. These original inhabitants, identifying themselves as Cetos, established a unique cultural identity rooted in their connection to the land and sea. The name "Ceto" itself derived from an indigenous expression meaning "set" reflecting the community's deep-seated ties to their island home.

Over time, the population of Ceto Island became increasingly diverse, with individuals of various religious backgrounds coexisting harmoniously within the island's borders. The blending of indigenous traditions with the beliefs and practices of Muslims and Christians fostered a rich tapestry of cultural exchange and mutual respect among the island's inhabitants.

However, the tranquility of Ceto Island was shattered by a catastrophic event of seismic proportions. A massive earthquake rocked the northern reaches of Asia, its epicenter striking Ceto Island with devastating force. The once tranquil landscape was rent asunder, as the tremors cleaved the island into five smaller fragments, leaving destruction and chaos in their wake.

Amidst the chaos and destruction wrought by the earthquake, one individual emerged as a beacon of hope and courage amidst the darkness. Isylver Byllyng, a fearless member of the Ceto community, distinguished herself through acts of extraordinary bravery and selflessness. In the face of imminent danger, Isylver Byllyng fearlessly led rescue efforts, saving the lives of over a thousand Cetos caught in the throes of disaster.

In recognition of her remarkable leadership and unwavering dedication to her people, Isylver Byllyng was unanimously hailed as the first Ceto Leader, entrusted with the solemn responsibility of guiding her community through the tumultuous aftermath of the earthquake. Her ascent to leadership marked a turning point in the history of Ceto Island, symbolizing a triumph of resilience and unity in the face of adversity.

Early Age: Declaration of Ceto Island as Sylvera[]

Following the passing of Isylver Byllyng, the revered first Ceto Leader, Maud Balam ascended to the position of Second Ceto Leader. In a pivotal moment of transformation, Maud Balam spearheaded the declaration of the island's sovereignty, marking its transition from Ceto Island to the independent nation of Sylvera. This symbolic gesture served as a tribute to the legacy of Isylver Byllyng, honoring her pivotal role in the island's history. Additionally, Maud Balam played a crucial role in the creation of Sylvera's inaugural national flag, contributing to the visual representation of the newly established nation.

Declaration of Sylvera as a Nation (June 06, 2024)[]

First Ceto President Alice Fraunces

Formal Picture of First Ceto President Alice Fraunces

Following the demise of Muad Balam, whose untimely passing was attributed to an untreated illness, the mantle of leadership fell upon the capable shoulders of Alice Fraunces, who assumed the role of the First Ceto President. In a historic proclamation that resonated across the archipelago, President Fraunces formally announced Sylvera's elevation to the status of a sovereign nation, marking a watershed moment in its journey towards independence and self-governance.

Dr Herleston of Sylvera

Formal Photo of Dr. Tavier Herleston

Amidst the fervor of nation-building, President Fraunces embarked on a collaborative endeavor with Dr. Tavier Herleston, a distinguished British immigrant renowned for his expertise in vexillology and design. Together, they embarked on the task of crafting a national emblem that would encapsulate the spirit and aspirations of the newly formed nation. Drawing inspiration from Sylvera's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, President Fraunces and Dr. Herleston meticulously deliberated on the symbolism and imagery that would adorn the nation's inaugural flag.

Through a process of creative exploration and collaboration, President Fraunces and Dr. Herleston endeavored to imbue the flag with profound significance, evoking sentiments of unity, resilience, and hope. Their efforts culminated in the unveiling of Sylvera's inaugural national flag, a vibrant and evocative symbol that would come to embody the collective identity and aspirations of its citizens.

First Terrorist Attack in Omouridge City, Sylvera (June 08, 2024)[]

In the early stages of nation-building, Sylvera faced an espionage attack from an unknown source, resulting in a devastating explosion in Omouridge City. Responding swiftly, President Alice Fraunces deployed over 1000 soldiers to protect the city and the nation. However, advisors cautioned that this force might not be sufficient against future threats, prompting discussions on bolstering Sylvera's defenses. Despite the challenge, President Fraunces remained committed to ensuring the safety and security of her people, leading efforts to fortify the nation against external aggression.

Republic of Sylvera Joining the Rose Alliance (June 13, 2024)[]

New Republic of Sylvera Coat of Arms

Updated Coat of Arms of The Republic of Sylvera after joining the Rose Alliance

Following the declaration of the Republic of Sylvera as an independent nation, Ceto President Alice Fraunces successfully facilitated Sylvera's entry into the prestigious Rose Alliance within a week. As of June 13, 2024, the Rose Alliance proudly holds the top position among alliances around Orbis, a testament to its influence and strength.

President Fraunces saw the alliance as an essential step towards bolstering Sylvera's national security. By joining the Rose Alliance, she aimed to ensure the protection of Sylvera's borders and sought the support needed to address various security concerns. Additionally, the alliance offered a platform for Sylvera to provide assistance to other nations facing difficulties, reflecting a commitment to mutual aid and solidarity. Beyond immediate security benefits, membership in the Rose Alliance was also seen as a strategic move to foster Sylvera's growth and development, leveraging the alliance's resources and networks to accelerate the young nation's progress on multiple fronts.


Map of Sylvera

Map of Sylvera

Sylvera is a unique island nation comprised of two large islands and four smaller ones that encircle the larger landmasses. Despite its relatively small geographic size, Sylvera is endowed with abundant natural resources, particularly rich deposits of iron and silver. These mineral wealth sources play a crucial role in the nation's economy and industry, highlighting Sylvera's significant geological advantages.

The country has also experienced notable seismic activity in its history. The most significant earthquake to strike Sylvera in recent times was the Ceto Earthquake. This major seismic event left a lasting impact on the nation, shaping its infrastructure and influencing its disaster preparedness measures. The resilience and adaptability of the Sylveran people in the face of such natural challenges are a testament to the nation's strength and determination.

War History[]

The Republic of Sylvera has maintained a policy of peace and neutrality, avoiding participation in any conflicts or wars. Throughout its history, the nation has chosen to abstain from military engagements, focusing instead on diplomatic solutions and peaceful resolutions to disputes. This commitment to non-involvement in warfare underscores Sylvera's dedication to fostering stability and harmony both within its borders and in its interactions with other countries.


In the Republic of Sylvera, the education system is structured into distinct stages. The primary and secondary education journey begins with six years of elementary schooling, where young students lay the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for their academic development. Following elementary school, students progress to four years of junior high school, a critical phase that builds upon their earlier education and prepares them for more advanced studies. The final stage of secondary education comprises two years in senior high school, during which students delve deeper into specialized subjects and prepare for higher education or vocational pursuits.

The government of Sylvera plays a crucial role in ensuring that secondary education is accessible to all students. By providing junior and senior high school education, the government aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for their future careers and personal growth. This commitment to a comprehensive and government-supported education system reflects Sylvera's dedication to fostering an educated and capable populace.


Sylvera operates under a democratic government framework, specifically functioning as a constitutional republic with a presidential system. In this form of governance, the nation adheres to a constitution that outlines the structure, powers, and limits of government authorities, ensuring a balanced and just administration.

The leadership of Sylvera is centered around the President, also known as the Ceto President, who serves a dual role as both the head of state and the head of government. This means that the President not only represents the nation in its diplomatic and ceremonial capacities but also oversees the executive branch, implementing policies and guiding the country's governance. The democratic principles embedded in Sylvera's political system underscore the importance of the people's participation in electing their leaders and shaping the future of their country through a fair and transparent electoral process.

List of Ceto Leaders & Ceto Presidents[]

  1. Isylver Byllyng (Ceto Leader #1)
  2. Muad Balam (Ceto Leader #2)
  3. Alice Fraunces (First and Current Ceto President)

Regions and Cities in Sylvera[]

Sylvera is presently divided into three distinct regions, each of which encompasses a variety of cities. These cities each offer unique and valuable contributions to the nation's overall development and character. However, there are projections and discussions suggesting that the country may eventually expand to comprise nine regions. This potential expansion is contingent on the island's original size and other determining factors that could influence regional delineation. As Sylvera grows and evolves, the administrative and geographic landscape may significantly change, reflecting the dynamic nature of the country’s development.

Sylvera Capital Region Official Seal

Official Seal of Sylvera Capital Region

Sylvera Capital Region (SCR)[]

The Sylvera Capital Region (SCR) holds the prestigious title of being the official Capital Region of Sylvera. This region is a powerhouse of commerce, serving as a critical hub for trade and economic activity, which significantly contributes to the country's overall income. Beyond its economic importance, SCR is steeped in rich history and is home to numerous landmarks and sites of interest that embody the cultural and historical essence of Sylvera.

Currently, the Sylvera Capital Region is comprised of four prominent cities. Omouridge City, the capital city, is the heart of the region and the nation, bustling with governmental and administrative activities. Hopburgh City adds to the region's charm with its unique offerings, while Vroham City contributes to the vibrant urban tapestry of SCR. Finally, Relta City enhances the region with its distinct character and attractions. Each city within the Sylvera Capital Region plays a vital role in making it a significant and multifaceted area within the country.

Official Seal of Omouridge City, Sylvera

Official Seal of Omouridge City, Sylvera

Omouridge City, The Capital City[]

Omouridge City holds the esteemed position of being the capital city within the Sylvera Capital Region. It is notable not only for its current status but also for its historical significance, as it was the first established city and the inaugural capital of Sylvera. The city's rich historical tapestry includes being the birthplace of the first Ceto leader, Isylver Byllyng, a figure of great importance in Sylvera’s history.

The official seal of Omouridge City is rich with symbolic elements, each representing a core aspect of the city's identity and heritage. The seal features a city star, a pair of wings, and a crown, each with its own distinct meaning. The city star signifies Omouridge's pivotal role as the capital city of the region, highlighting its central importance in governance and regional identity. The wings symbolize the values of freedom and success, reflecting the city's aspirations and achievements. Lastly, the crown is a tribute to Isylver Byllyng, honoring her legacy and foundational role in the city's history.

This blend of historical significance and symbolic representation underscores Omouridge City’s unique position as a beacon of heritage, governance, and aspiration within Sylvera. The city not only serves as an administrative hub but also as a testament to the country’s rich past and dynamic future.

Official Seal of Hopburgh City, Sylvera

Official Seal of Hopburgh City, Sylvera

Hopburgh City, The Windmill City[]

Hopburgh City proudly bears the title of the Windmill City of Sylvera, a name that reflects its critical role as the nation's foremost source of energy. Renowned for its extensive use of wind power, Hopburgh City stands at the forefront of Sylvera’s commitment to sustainable and clean energy production, ensuring that the nation’s energy needs are met without contributing to pollution. This dedication to environmentally friendly energy solutions makes Hopburgh City a model for sustainable urban development.

In addition to its significance in energy production, Hopburgh City is also home to the Sylvera National Stadium, a major landmark that hosts a variety of national sports events and gatherings, further cementing the city’s importance in the cultural and social landscape of the country.

The official seal of Hopburgh City is imbued with meaningful symbolism that reflects its unique identity and contributions. The seal features a prominent windmill, an emblematic representation of the city’s leading role in generating clean energy. This windmill not only signifies Hopburgh City's status as the primary energy provider but also highlights Sylvera's overall success in maintaining an environment with minimal pollution. The windmill is thus a powerful symbol of the nation’s dedication to ecological sustainability and the near absence of pollution within its borders.

Official Seal of Vroham City, Sylvera

Official Seal of Vroham City, Sylvera

Vroham City, The Business City / City of Commerce[]

Vroham City, widely recognized as the City of Commerce, stands as the premier hub of trade and economic activity in Sylvera. It is the foremost contributor to the nation's commerce and income, with a staggering 80% of the country's commercial activities concentrated within its boundaries. This dominance in commerce sets Vroham City apart from other cities in the Sylvera Capital Region, underscoring its vital role in the national economy.

In addition to its commercial prowess, Vroham City is notable for being the second home of Dr. Tavier Herleston. Dr. Herleston, a distinguished young doctor, has made significant contributions to the country’s infrastructure, further enhancing the city's reputation and importance.

The official seal of Vroham City encapsulates its identity as a bustling commercial center. The seal features an emblem of massive buildings, symbolizing the city's extensive development and dense concentration of commercial enterprises. This imagery reflects Vroham City’s status as a city filled with high-rise buildings and bustling marketplaces, solidifying its reputation as the commercial epicenter of the nation.

Official Seal of Relta City, Sylvera

Official Seal of Relta City, Sylvera

Relta City, The Cherry Blossom City[]

Relta City, often celebrated for its unique charm and romantic allure, holds the distinctive title of being the only city in Sylvera adorned with cherry blossoms. This singular feature sets Relta City apart from its counterparts, lending it a special ambiance that draws visitors and residents alike. The presence of cherry blossoms not only enhances the city’s aesthetic appeal but also imbues it with a sense of tranquility and romance, making it a beloved destination within Sylvera.

The official seal of Relta City is rich with symbolism, each element meticulously chosen to represent the city's essence and values. Central to the seal is the image of a pink tree, symbolizing the iconic cherry blossoms that define the city's unique landscape. This element highlights Relta City's natural beauty and its status as a picturesque and serene locale.

Additionally, the seal features a symbol of praying hands, which signifies the city’s deep-rooted faith and spiritual devotion. This symbol reflects the community's reverence for the gods and their spiritual heritage, underscoring the importance of faith in the daily lives of Relta City's inhabitants.

The seal also includes a path symbol, representing the journey towards success. This emblem captures the city’s forward-looking spirit and its commitment to progress and achievement. It embodies the aspirations and hard work of Relta City's residents as they strive for personal and communal success.

Sylvera Industry Region Official Seal

Official Seal of Sylvera Industry Region

Sylvera Industry Region (SIR)[]

Sylvera Industry Region, commonly abbreviated as SIR, is a crucial area known for its significant contributions to the nation's mining resources and military equipment production. This region plays a vital role in supporting the country’s industrial and defense capabilities. At the heart of SIR lies the city of Aloton, which serves as the capital of the region. Aloton is particularly noteworthy as it is the sole city within Sylvera that engages in the extraction of iron, thanks to its abundant iron mines. Additionally, Aloton is a central hub for the manufacturing of military equipment and munitions, supplying essential materials and weaponry necessary for national defense. This combination of resource extraction and military manufacturing makes the Sylvera Industry Region indispensable to the country's infrastructure and security.

Official Seal of Aloton City, Sylvera

Official Seal of Aloton City, Sylvera

Aloton City, The First Industry City[]

The city of Aloton holds the unique distinction of being the first and only city in the nation of Sylvera that is entirely dedicated to the extraction of mining resources and the development of industrial resources. This singular focus has positioned Aloton as a cornerstone of Sylvera’s economic and security infrastructure. The city's extensive network of factories is pivotal, as they produce a wide array of military equipment essential for the nation’s defense and security.

Moreover, the official seal of Aloton is emblematic of its industrious spirit and vital role in national productivity. The seal features a tool, symbolizing the city's commitment to hard work and its crucial contribution to the nation's goods production. This emblem reflects the city's identity and underscores its significance as a hardworking and industrious hub within Sylvera, continuously driving forward both the industrial and defensive capabilities of the nation.

Northern Sylvera Region Official Seal

Official Seal of Northern Sylvera Region

Northern Sylvera Region (NSR)[]

In the northern part of Sylvera lies the Northern Sylvera Region, commonly referred to as NSR. This region holds the distinction of being the first in the nation to prioritize agricultural activities, dedicating itself primarily to the production of food. The fertile lands of NSR are particularly well-suited for farming, enabling the region to serve as the main source of food supply for the entire country.

NSR's agricultural output is not limited to domestic consumption; it also plays a crucial role in Sylvera's economy by producing surplus food that is exported to other nations. This international trade helps bolster the nation's economic stability and fosters diplomatic relations.

The heart of the Northern Sylvera Region is Olkmery City, the first and only city established within NSR. Olkmery City acts as the central hub for the region's agricultural operations, coordinating the production and distribution of food. The city's infrastructure supports a range of activities related to farming, processing, and exporting food products. Thus, Olkmery City is integral to the success and efficiency of NSR's agricultural focus, making it a vital component of Sylvera’s food production and economic strategy.

Official Seal of Olkmery City, Sylvera

Official Seal of Olkmery City, Sylvera

Olkmery City, The Fine Art City / The Farm City[]

The city of Olkmery, located in the Northern Sylvera Region (NSR), holds the unique distinction of being both the first and only city in this part of the nation. Known affectionately as the "City of Fine Arts," Olkmery is home to the prestigious National Museum of Fine Arts, which contributes to its cultural and artistic reputation. Additionally, Olkmery is often referred to as the "Farm City" due to its pivotal role in Sylvera's agricultural sector. As the first city in Sylvera to focus primarily on food production, Olkmery has become a cornerstone of the nation's efforts to ensure a stable and ample food supply.

The city’s official seal prominently features a farm, symbolizing its dedication to agriculture and its mission to gather food resources. This emblem underscores Olkmery's commitment to not only meeting the food needs of Sylvera but also producing surplus for export, thereby generating profit and fostering international trade. The city aims to provide high-quality food resources that benefit the nation economically while also enhancing the well-being of Sylvera’s citizens. Olkmery’s dual focus on cultural enrichment and agricultural productivity makes it an essential and multifaceted asset to the country.