Sussex Edit

Sussex is a nation formed by President Jaydowg1914. They are a jolly bunch and enjoy raiding other nations and going to the home games of their home team, the Sussex Seagulls. They are a captain ranking member of Arrgh, and take great pride in helping them to rule the seven seas!

The Government's Main Two Parties. Edit

The Ruling majority of Sussex is the Alliance party, who fight fiercely in the Chambers against the Individual Party, who's goal is to move Sussex away from it's pirating past and towards a peaceful future. The Alliance party believes in the exact opposite of the Individual party and believes in strength through alliance and the traditional values of pirating.


The Chambers

The Chambers Edit

The Chambers are the Main Government Centre for Legislative, Judicial, and Executive power. There are 420 seats, with 280 seats are held by the Alliance party and 95 seats are held by the Individual party. The Christian party holds the final 45.


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