Anarchist Insurgency
Part of the IR vs SWF [ The Other War ]
Date October 28th, 2015 - November 8th, 2015
Result Immediate surrender of United Socialist Federation forces
The Other War
Svøbødnäyä Tęrritøriyä Freedom Fighters United Socialist Federation Force

Anarkhist Xenodolf

 White flag iconSocialist Queen Kanzak

94,000 Infantry - 4,200 T-54[tanks], 320 Air Foce 100,000 infantry - 800 Tanks - 200 Air Force
Casualties and losses
91,297 Infantry - 3,111 T-54s - 236 Air Force 89,060 Infantry - 1,435 Tanks - 52 Air Force

Conflict Summary - Edit

The Surprise attack on Svøbødnäyä Tęrritøriyä Groznyj Grad by Socialist Workers Front member-state of United Socialist Federation is what actually lead to the Anarchist Insurgency.

The Battle commerced on October 28th 2015. In the aftermath of the Socialist Workers Front war against International Revolution. Socialist Federation order an airstrike causing massive infrastructure damage within the Dirstiskt A as well as several thousand T-54's were destoyerd during the airstrikes which lasted several days. With the constant airstrikes the United Socialist Federation had a good hold.

Many resistance fighters had gathered up a sizable force with support from the old division of T-54's and began several small gorilla attacks against Federation troops in key targets

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