Stratton Oakmont, Inc. is a publically-held, non-alliance bank. SO's current CEO is Josh Freer.

Articles of IncorporationEdit


Shareholders possess the following rights:

  • The right to nominate and elect members of the Board of Directors every two months
  • The right to receive monthly reports on the financial state of the company
  • The right to sell or transfer their shares to others
  • The right to amend these articles of incorporation by a vote
  • The right of first refusal on all sales of treasury shares

The Board of DirectorsEdit

The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the well being of the company and its operations. Board votes shall be enacted by a simple majority. There are five members of the board. A board vote is required to enact any of the following:

  • The sale of treasury shares
  • Buybacks of outstanding shares
  • Issuing new shares
  • Appointing company officers
  • Offering new products and services
  • Discontinuing products and services
  • The distribution of dividends

Company OfficersEdit

The company officers are responsible for Stratton Oakmont's day ­to­ day operations and shall wield all powers necessary to carry out its business. Currently there are two officer positions, CEO and CFO.

Business OperationsEdit

Information on all of Stratton Oakmont's assets and financial operations is publicly available. The bank's funds are held in the alliance bank of Black Knights but are controlled by Stratton Oakmont and are accounted for separately from BK bank's own funds.

SO offers both secured and unsecured loans of all sizes to both nations and alliances. Occasionally if loan requests are greater than money supply, SO will also sell bonds to customers who have cash they would like to invest.

Stratton Oakmont's current Board of Directors is comprised of Psweet, Zoot, Natinator, JackyHu, and Jimmyvbuck.

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