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This alliance merged with The Communist International to form The Revolutionary Front on April 18, 2018.  More information is available here.


Flag of Stratagem

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Basic Details
Founded November 4, 2017
Headquarters Africa
Color Black
Status Defunct
The Ringleader Queen M
The Pretty Face Tristar Majestica
The Muscle Quan Tativ
Special Advisor on Chicanery Durmij
As of 01/05/2018
Total Nations 14
Score 34,690.92
Average Score 2,477.92
Alliance Rank #45 of 178
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MnDP Fark
ODoAP Guardian

Founded on November 4, 2017, Stratagem (SGM; pronounced: ess-jem) is a black alliance in the game Politics and War.  Stratagem describes itself as "a coalition forged in loyalty, respect, and solidarity."  Although its specific goals and activities are currently unknown, Stratagem claims to promote justice and righteousness among the people of Orbis.

Alliance Government

Stratagem's government consists of a Ringleader, Right Hand, and a small advising council, Chief Strategists.  The general membership are known as Strategists.  Stratagem is considered a "congenial absolute rule" in the sense that its Ringleader holds absolute decisionmaking authority within the alliance.


The only prerequisites to be a member of SGM is to be active and not be an a$$hole.


On November 6, 2017, only two days after Stratagem was officially formed, a member of Knights Templar attacked Stratagem via undisclosed means.  This attack had severe economic implications for Stratagem and its members.  However, on November 8, 2017 Ringleader Queen M announced that a settlement had been reached, and that the matter had been resolved.


Participation in Royal Rumble

On Dec 4, 2017, SGM launched a raid on members of Sacrum Imperium Romanum in response to and as a warning to their leadership to cease and desist all OOC harassment of Queen M. Within less than 24 hours, Roz Wei, in an attempt to protect its ally, launched a full-scale war on Stratagem. Roz Wei used its impressively large navy to blockade multiple Stratagem nations and inflict substantial damage. For the most part, Stratagem was able to bring the battle to a stalemate using their superior airforce and larger reserves of resources. Approximately two days into the conflict, Stratagem’s protectors, Fark and Guardian, joined the battle. Alpha also provided support to Stratagem during the conflict. Roz Wei was then quickly neutralized. During the conflict, Roz Wei terminated its protection agreement with Sacrum Imperium Romanum.

Shortly after peace was declared between Stratagem and Roz Wei, Sacrum Imperium Romanum launched a counterraid against several Stratagem nations, only to be quickly crushed by their targets. The funds appropriated during this “reverse raid” helped SGM rebuild more quickly following the war, while Sacrum Imperium Romanum was ultimately forced to rebrand itself as Nordic Sea Raiders.

Popular Quotes 

"Tired of these muhfuggahs messing with us, for real" - Queen M towards the end of Templargate