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Storm Intervention
Date 15-16 July 2016
Result SD merges into Cornerstone
Preceded by
GPA's Bizarre Adventure
Succeeded by
Stop Online Piracy Act
Arrgh Flag.png
Roz Wei Flag.png
Roz Wei
Storm Division.png
Storm Division

Arrgh Flag.png Ogaden
Arrgh Flag.png Immeral Ilimaris
Roz Wei Flag.png Rozalia
Roz Wei Flag.png Mayor

Storm Division.png Eddard Stark
Storm Division.png Stephanie McMahon

97 nations
118,649 score
41 nations
22,734 score

The Storm Intervention was an intervention and invasion of the Storm Division launched by Arrgh! and Roz Wei on 15 July 2016. After less then 24 hours, the Storm Division dissolved and began to merge into Cornerstone. Arrgh! and Roz Wei came to an agreement with Cornerstone that existing wars would be beiged and no new was would be delcared after the merger was decided.


The Storm Division

The Storm Division was a black team alliance that was founded on 5 June 2016 through a merger of Shuriken and the Vargen Entete. They were a protectorate of Rose until NPO's First Time ♥ when they declared war on a Rose ally alongside the Brotherhood of the Clouds, who they had a mutual defense treaty with, causing controversy within and outside of the alliance. After that conflict they also intervened in GPA's Bizarre Adventure and signed treaties with Cornerstone and R&R. At the start of the intervention they held Mutual Defense and optional Aggression treaties with Cornerstone, the Brotherhood of the Clouds, R&R, and an optional defense treaty with Valyria.

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