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Basic Details
Founded 7 April 2018
Color Orange
Status Defunct
Director El Commander
Director Boss Baby
Upper Management Foulek
Lower Management Mohamed Abdullahi Mo
As of 1st, February, 2019
Total Nations 12
Score 7,497.85
Average Score 624.82
Alliance Rank 85
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protector The Knights Radiant
ODP Nova Riata

Statesmen was an Orange alliance which was founded on 7 April 2018.


  • Director: El & Boss Baby
  • Upper Management: Foulek
  • Lower Management: Mohamed Abdullahi Mo


  • Protector: The Knights Radiant
  • ODP: Nova Riata

Notable Conflicts

War Opponent Outcome
Knightfall Pantheon, Afrika Korps, Typhon Coalition Defeat/Surrender

Alliance Announcements

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