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Cascading waves of change The future we think to be inconsequential, can effect the future indefinitely Once you had the power to effect monumental change, would you let fear consume? Or would you overcome? We sent a message into the past, a warning... We have that message Though this story is not inevitable, and a society does evolve. We can change our fate, We can change the future, We can change the past.


The Starset Society was a Blue alliance started on 03/22/2018 and disbanded a week later because they merged with House Tyrell. The alliance was started by Joseph Stalin of Garnare but struggled in recruiting efforts as there was two people in the alliance and one active. Before the alliance merged they were in talks with Pantheon on getting protectorate status.

Starset Society
Headquarters Asia
Founded: 03/22/2018
Defunct: 03/29/2018
Fate: Merged With House Tyrell
Color Blue
Alliance id
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