Stannis at the Wall

United Purple Nations
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Night's Watch
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Treaty Type: Protectorate Treaty
Treaty Signed: January 1, 2016
Treaty Status: Active

Stannis at the Wall is a Protectorate Treaty signed between the United Purple Nations and Night's Watch on January 1, 2016.

Section I. Intelligence Gathering

The United Purple Nations and Night's Watch agree to share information that pertains to the well-being of each other's alliance within Orbis. This information will be shared with one another via a private and secure means.

Section II. Lowered Swords

The United Purple Nations and Night's Watch agree not to attack one another, and will handle any issues that crop up in a private and courteous manner.

Section III. Stannis Comes to the Wall

In the event that Night's Watch comes under an unprovoked attack from the far side of the wall, the United Purple Nations will provide immediate assistance in the form of military, financial and political support to their fullest. Should the United Purple Nations come under attack, Night's Watch is encouraged to assist in any way it can but is not required to turn their attention south.

Section IV. Abandoning the Wall

In the event either party wishes to ignore the threat on the far side of the walls, they are to give a 72 hours notice in private before turning in their swords.


Signed for United Purple Nations

Pangui - Consul
Malal - Magister Equitum

Signed for Night's Watch

Lord Commander of Foreign Affairs - Eddard Stark
Lord Commander of Military Affairs - Ctigrisht
Lord Commander of Internal Affairs - Artch Kunschteintunt

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