Spartan Union

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Flag of Spartan Union

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Basic Details
Founded 23/03/2020
Status Active
Duumvirate Agent Crew, Pegleg
Ephors Travatar
Internal Affairs F Karma, Anschel
Foreign Affairs Cino, Candas Valis III
Economy Affairs Omen Khan, Cino, Jwala
Military Affairs Travatar, Jwala
As of 28/3/2020
Total Nations 24
Score 32,517.89
Average Score 1,354.91
Alliance Rank 51
Active Blocs
Bloc Confederate States of Orbis (CSO)
Active Treaties
MDoAP Teutonic Order
MDoAP The Imperium
MDoAP Ecotopian Co-operative Alliance
ODP Unforgiven Legion

The Spartan Union(SU) was created on the 23/3/20 after the Spartan Brotherhood and the Central Imperial Union decided to merge together to create a new alliance. The SU has taken most of their treaties from Spartan Brotherhood and Central Imperial Union.

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