The Greater Unitary Republic

Spartan Republic Flag
Flag of The Greater Unitary Republic

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Basic Details
Founded 20/4/2020
Status Active
Executive Committee
  • Pegleg (Elected Chancellor by the people)
  • Mao Zedong

  • N/A

Home Office
  • Secretary swagohitzo
  • Deputy Guad Shirrif

Foreign Office
  • Secretary Sultan Bayezid III

Finance Office
  • Secretary VerveStreak
  • Deputy Lord Sidious

War Office
  • Acting Secretary Sir Kotsos

Public Information Office
  • Secretary Cosa Nostra

As of 17/6/2020
Total Nations 41
Score 51,139.99
Average Score 1,247.32
Alliance Rank 50
Active Blocs
MDoAP Federated States of Orbis (FSO)
Active Treaties
MDoAP The Knights of The Blood Oath
MDoAP The United Armies
MDoAP The Unforgiven Legion
ODP Ragnarok
ODP The Union
Protectorate (we protect) Ecotopian Imperial Federation
Protectorate (we protect) The Stratosphere
Protectorate (we protect) Mandalore
Protectorate (we protect) Centrelink AAA
Protectorate (we protect) Assyrian Empire
Protectorate (we protect) Taith
Protectorate (they protect) The Immortals
Protectorate (they protect) The Fighting Pacifists

The Spartan Union(SU) was created on the 23/3/20 after the Spartan Brotherhood and the Central Imperial Union decided to merge together to create a new alliance. The Spartan Union has retained membership to the CSO bloc, now the FSO bloc. SU is protected by The Immortals and The Fighting Pacifists. While SU protects Taith (Spera Bank). On the 22/4/20, The Workers Republic merged into the Spartan Union. This lead to the change of the name to Spartan Republic. The layout of the leadership and how the alliance operates was changed as well.

Wars Edit

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