Spartan Brotherhood Edit

The Spartan Brotherhood was founded on 18/09/2019 by Agent Crew. The King, a former member of Spartans, took inspiration from the Spartans alliance in the hope of creating a more successful and active alliance. It is an active alliance that welcomes new members as well as protecting existing members. They are a member of The United Front Bloc and the World Alliance Trade Federation.

History Edit

Agent Crew left Spartans to form a new alliance called the Spartan Brotherhood. The aim to create a successful and active alliance that values its members. Shortly after the formation of the alliance, the Mandalorian Empire collapsed resulting in some of their members joining. As the Spartan Brotherhood started to gain members, a government was established which was separated into departments. After the alliance became functional they begin to organize treaties with other alliances. On 19 September 2019, a 3-month non-aggression treaty with The Federation was formed. Then 3 days later a 2-month Optional Defense Pact was formed with Morrowind. On 25 September 2019, a 2 month non-aggression pact was established with the Federation of Commerce States. A day later a Mature Defense treaty with the Unforgiven Legion was formed. On the 1 October 2019, the Spartan Brotherhood joined The United Front Bloc. Then the next day on the 2 October 2019 the Spartan Brotherhood made new two treaties. A 2 month Optional Defense Pact with Esquire Templar and a 1 month Optional Defense Optional Attack Pact with Last Resort. Then on the 3 October 2019, the Spartan Brotherhood approved a Mutual Defense & Optional Aggression Pact with The Players. As well as the Unforgiven Legion upgrading their treaty from a Mutual Defense Pact to a Mutual Defense & Optional Aggression Pact. On the 4 October 2019, a Mutual Defense & Optional Aggression Pact was achieved with The United Armies. On the 6 October the Spartan Brotherhood ungraded the treaty with the Federation of Commerce States from a Non-aggression Pact to an Optional Defense Pact. On 10 October 2019, a MDoAP was agreed with The Axis Accord for two months. Two days later on 12 October, an ODoAP treaty was agreed with the United Royalists for two months. On the 19 October the Spartan Brotherhood participated in the small conflict between members of the the Astra Bloc & United Front Bloc. A day later the conflict stopped.

Government Edit

  • King: Agent Crew
  • Prince: Travatar
  • Foreign Affairs: Agent Crew
  • Internal Affairs: Agent Crew, Travatar, Redsin
  • Economy Affairs: Travatar, ColdWater
  • War Affairs: Wolfee, Jay Wang
  • All Department Elder: Ross

Treaties Edit

MDoAP - Unforgiven Legion

MDoAP - The Players

MDoAP - The United Armies

MDoAP - The Axis Accord

ODoAP - Last Resort

ODoAP - United Royalists

ODP - Morrowind

ODP - Esquire Templar

ODP - Federation of Commerce States

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