Sparta-Grumpy War
Date Oct 10-16 2017
Casus belli Sparta Was Bored
Result Peace declared; Sparta agrees not to accept foreign rebuilding aid
Preceded by
Typhon's Invasion of America
Succeeded by
Second Great Valkyrie-Arrgh War

Second Sparta Flag

Flag of Zaire
Political Pirates

Grumpy Old Bastards Flag
Grumpy Old Bastards
Hogwarts Flag
Guardian Flag
The Knights Radiant Flag
The Knights Radiant


Second Sparta Flag Seabasstion

Grumpy Old Bastards Flag Sweeeeet Ronny D
Hogwarts Flag Partisan
Guardian Flag Memph
The Knights Radiant Flag Lordship

92,455 score
18 members
153,079 score
32 members

The Sparta-Grumpy War was a war that started on Oct 10th 2017, with Sparta declaring war on Grumpy Old Bastards. Peace was later agreed upon on October 16, 2017.

History Edit

On October 10, Sparta launched a surprise attack on the Grumpy Old Bastards. Both alliances were composed off high tier nations but Sparta caught GOP unaware and un-militarized causing massive damage in the initial assault. A day later Hogwarts launched a retaliatory assault on Sparta in defense of the GOP.

Partly through the war, several members of Sparta splintered off and formed a re-creation of the Political Pirates alliance. The Political Pirates proceeded to attack Guardian who retaliated against them alongside the Knights Radiant. Following the conflict, the Political Pirates merged into Arrgh!.

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