Spanish Armada

Spanish Armada Flag.jpg
Flag of Spanish Armada

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Basic Details
Founded November 7, 2016
Headquarters Europe
Color Brown
Status Active
Captain Lolbrok
Duke Parnella
  • John Colman
  • Hope Solo
  • Boniver
  • El Camino
As of November 13, 2017
Total Nations 9
Score 49,433.84
Average Score 5,492.65
Alliance Rank 32
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protector Alpha

The Spanish Armada is a brown team alliance founded on November 7, 2016. It is protected by Alpha. The 9 members of the Armada hold 240 nuclear weapons between them or an average of nearly 27 per member. They are ranked 4th in total nuclear weapon count only behind members of the Nuke Bloc. The alliance has mostly stuck to itself throughout its existence and has not made an official announcements about its existence or intentions.

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