This nation has disbanded.

History of Existence Edit

Long before the Space Federation existed they were ruled by a Mad King called RhydonMyWeedle, fed his people like dogs and had all locked in chains to do his bidding, the people were tired of his regime but were afraid to take freedom for themselves because previous attempts always ended in failure. On August 11 a man who would only be known as Lenrir would encourage the people to fight. No one knows exactly how Lenrir came to be, rumors began to spread that he was a god's gift to the slaves of Weedlism or a King who was going to set his people free and end the tyranny. Lenrir began having the slaves craft makeshift weapons and armor. Rhydon's heir, McGangBang overheard a couple of the slaves talking about Lenrir and his plan to slay Rhydon and his heir...McGangBang immediately informed Rhydon, with a disgust look on the Mad King's face, he started to whisper to himself over and over "corruption,corruption,corruption..." he was saying. The next morning Rhydon, standing tall and near the balcony, looking down over his city yelled, "whoever brings me Lenrir's head will receive a royal pardon and will become my personal squire!" this was when Lenrir knew it was time to start the war for freedom, he rose and told his people, "this will be the morning we no longer will be known has slaves but free men, but revolutionaries." The Lenrir-Weedlism Revolution had begun...Lenrir met with three indiviuals , one happened to be named Spaceball and he was made second in command. The revolution didn't last long, a mere seven days but resulted in many deaths, Rhydon and Lenrir included. The once known slaves of Weedlism were free at last but needed a place to live and rebuild. Spaceball was now in command and had every Follower of Weedle killed, while few managed to escape. Spaceball knew the remaining survivors needed a new place to live, leading them to Orbis, where they would remain for thousands of centuries.

General Information Edit

  • Lenrir was considered a god after the defeat of Rhydon
  • Rhydon considered false god after Lenrir's victory
  • Space Federation claims Lenrirism as main religion
  • Executes anyone who preachs Weedlism
  • Lenrir - Weedle Revolution renamed to Lenrirism - Weedlism Holy War

Military Strength Edit

Total Soldiers: 90,000
Total Tanks: 1,000
Total Aircraft: 72
Total Ships: 5
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