Introduction-Basic History Edit

The micro nation Soviet Aotearoa was once a powerful country but because of the global economic catastrophe Soviet Aotearoa fell apart leaving its people with nothing but war. The current Prime Minister was in power when the global economic catastrophe occurred and watched his own people turn against him as he couldn't feed them all. Which lead to massacres of entire towns best friends became worst enemies people became cannibals. Conor Barely held on to power but through all this chaos he managed to regain his power and he is setting out to reunite Aotearoa, New Zealand under his Communist Ideals. in the year 2036 Soviet Aotearoa had officially changed its ideology from Communism to Socialism and its name from Soviet Aotearoa to Socialist Aotearoa. following this change led to the outlaw of being Chinese all Chinese people were either shot or forced to join the army.

The Unification Of New Zealand Edit

Prime Minister Conor Johnson wants to reunite all of New Zealand under Soviet Aotearoa's Flag This would make New Zealand one of the first Pre-Global Catastrophe Nations to reunite. He has already Reunited 10,000² miles of New Zealand but there are still 90,000² miles to go.

Famous Quotes By Conor Johnson Edit

"Even if it is an uphill battle we will keep going" - Conor Johnson

"Although we are outnumbered we will march onward" - Conor Johnson

"The Red Army shall march on" - Conor Johnson

"Hardship forms the greatest nations"- Conor Johnson

"Chinese People are the scum of the earth and we must purge them" - Conor Johnson

All Wars Edit

- Win 8

- Truces: 2

- Losses : 0

Our Cities Edit

Names Population Density Edit

  1. Auckland, 88,687 88.69 people/sq. mi
  2. New Sparta, 88,687 88.69 people/sq. mi
  3. New Athens, 88,658 88.66 people/sq. mi
  4. New Olympia, 88,570 88.57 people/sq. mi
  5. The Pantheon, 77,641 77.64 people/sq. mi
  6. The United Nations, 77,487 77.49 people/sq. mi
  7. Waikato King Country, 86,492 86.49 people/sq. mi
  8. Empyrea, 85,950 85.95 people/sq. mi
  9. Neo Roma, 1,004 1.00 people/sq. mi
  10. Wellington 87,666 87.67 people/sq. mi
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