Flag of South Africa as a Member of the British Empire.

South Africa, an African nation brought up from a British colony.


South Africa was first born as it is in orbis in the early 1990's. Prime minister Andrew Coldmoore is the elected leader of the nation.

Coldmoore an old friend of William Phillips decided to ask The Commonwealth of Australia for assistance in the building of his nation. Australia accepted and has since been assisting South Africa grow as both share a commonwealth heritage.

South Africa's history has for the most part been a peaceful one. It was however involved in The Charming War as a member of The Evenstar Empire. South Africa is also a member of the Commonwealth council which is a shoot off from the old alliance The Empire

Growth as a loyal member of both The British Empire and Evenstar Empire have held South Africa in a good situation and with support from her allie The Commonwealth of Australia continues to grow at an acceletared rate.


Nigerian troops in Somalia

South African Troops in Training.

The 'RSADF' of Royal South African Defense force is made up of 6 divisions of infantry 500 tanks of the 1st,2nd,3rd,4th and 5th armored regiment as well as 50 aircraft belonging to the 1st and 2nd squadron's RSAAF. (Royal South African Air Force)

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