South-East-Asian Resurgence
Date 2022 - Present
Casus belli Chinese occupation of Vietnam, Authoritarianism, Dictatorship, Political corruption, Human rights violations, Unemployment, Inflation
Status Ongoing

Current Chinese victory in Indochina Current ASEAN victory in South-East-Asia

Preceded by
The South China Sea Conflict
Greater Pacific Commune
Neo Singapore Flag

Pasifika Demokratik Front

Pasifika Demokrasi Flag
Vietnam Free Movement
Vietnam Flag

Indonesian Democratic Front

Indonesia Flag
North Borneo Federation
North Borneo Federation Flag
Free Hong Kong
Free Hong Kong Flag
China Flag

South-East Asian Commune of Pacific states

Neo Singapore Flag

Indochinese Federation


Communist Myanmar

Communist Myanmar Flag
Hong Kong SAR
Hong Kong Flag
People's North Borneo
People's North Borneo Flag
5,750,000+ 5,200,000+
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown
The South-East-Asian Resurgence is the phenomenon of post-ASEAN nations rebelling against their Chinese occupiers in the name of democracy and the formation of the Sinosphere League to combat it.
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