Soup Kitchen

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Basic Details
Founded 1 April, 2019
Color Purple
Status Active
Executive Chef Pika
Head Chef Kiloist
Sous Chefs
  • Caanite (Milcom)
  • LeftBehind (Econ)
  • HannaH (IA)
  • Illen (Relief)
Line Cooks
  • Samuel Bates (FA)
  • Toph (Econ)
  • Adam (IA)
  • Spectre (Relief)
Food Critics
  • Charlie Traveler
  • Kevanovia
As of 3 April, 2019
Total Nations 38
Score 97000+
Average Score 2500+
Alliance Rank 29
Active Blocs
MDP Chaos
Active Treaties
MDP Church of Spaceology
MDP The Knights Radiant
MDP Seven Kingdoms

Soup Kitchen (Soup) is a purple team alliance that was founded on April 1, 2019 by Charlie Traveler and Kevanovia after a months-long journey with the Hobo Express.

Soup is a member of the MDP bloc Chaos, along with Church of Spaceology, The Knights Radiant, and Seven Kingdoms.

Announcements Edit

Conflicts Edit

Conflict Versus Duration Result
Community Outreach Program Fark
World Task Force
17 April 2019 - 27 April 2019 White Peace
Surf’s Up KETOG Sphere 25 May 2019 - 17 June 2019 White Peace
Global War 14 Coalition B 17 June 2019 - Present Ongoing

Hobo Express Edit

The Hobo Express was the prequel to Soup.

Part Departing From
Part 1 The Golden Horde (not part of the train)
Part 2 Empyrea
Part 3 Bad Company
Part 4 Knights Templar
Part 5 The Underground
Part 6 Church of Spaceology
Part 7 The Enterprise
Part 8 Seven Kingdoms
Part 9 Rose
Part 10 The Knights Radiant
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