Somalia Flag of Soomaaliya

The Captain Nao
Member of Rose
Basic Information
Color Black
National Statistics
Government Type Autocracy Autocracy
Economy Extreme Right Extreme Right
Civilians 270,770
Area 3,000 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 90.26 people per mi²
Military Strength
Nation Rank #89 of 1,366 Nations (6.52%)
Score 237.50
Infantry 15,000
National Capital Xamar
Other Cities Hargeysa, Boosaaso, Gaalkaacyo

Soomaaliya is the well established nation based out of Northeast Africa. Soomaaliya was formed after the decimation of South Sudom and the death of the current King Dom, Dom King. The highest ranking member of the South Sudomese government alive, Captain Nao, became the leader of the disbanded people. Weakened, the remaining members of South Sudom traveled East to the sea and settled, founding Xamar. With little to go on, Captain declared himself The Captain Nao and began sea-fairing expeditions. What originated as an attempt to trade quickly turned deadly as the SS Dominator was attacked by raiders looking for an easy target. Upon boarding, these raiders were met with gunfire killing 5 and wounding 2. After dispatching the original raiders, Nao and his fellow officers boarded the raiding vessel and disarmed the remaining two raiders. Upon looting the enemy craft, Nao learned of the easy ways of piracy. For about a year, Soomaaliya built up its ever-growing cities using stolen money and supplies. During this period, the alliance under which South Sudom had stayed, The Atlas Confederacy, was not yet established, and Soomaaliya instead opted for The Supreme Gentlemen. After joining, Soomaaliya's economy stabilized and production of aluminum began. After becoming too large for many of the raiders, Soomaaliya was no longer threatened and began to settle into a more economic role. Currently, Soomaaliya is a large producer of aluminum. Nao ran for Gentleman of Economics for TSG, but was beaten by the able incumbent Matt. After another couple weeks, Nao began to become unhappy with his time in TSG. After a lengthy decision, Soomaaliya left TSG and joined Rose. Nao was immediately promoted to Imperial Guard and given a position within economics. After a brief period of alliance hopping, the nation of Soomaaliya settled back into Rose. After a brief internal struggle, Nao was banished from the lands and splinters of Soomaaliya formed the current nations in the area. The flagship of Soomaaliya, the SS Nao was given to Rose in dedication, as well as all of Nao's booty. Nao currently resides in Switzerland with Nothing to call his own.

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