Flag of Solitude

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Basic Details
Founded August 16, 2018
Headquarters Europe
Color White
Status Defunct
Imperial Command * Joel Ryan
Solitude Council
As of November 29, 2018
Total Nations 26
Score 31,144
Average Score 1,223.34
Alliance Rank 56
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate Cobra Kai Dojo
Protectorate New Pacific Order

Solitude was a micro alliance on the white sphere. Most members merged into Empyrea, but some members splintered off Empyrea and created Paradox.

Solitude's discord link can be found here

Government Edit

The government of Solitude is an oligarchy, with the Legate holding supreme authority over most decision making in the alliance.

The Imperial Command is the collective governing body with the head being the Legate. The Imperial Command consists of the Consuls: Defense, Treasury, Internal Affairs, and Foreign Affairs. The Consuls have full control under there specific branch withholding under the Legate.

The Solitude Council is an observing body of Solitude's low government. They are the overseers of the Legate and Imperial Command's work. Also to vote on pressing subjects within Solitude.

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