Soldiers are basic units that are used in ground battles both offensively and defensively (the other unit used in ground battles are tanks). They are key components to winning wars and battles. The amount of loot gained by victories depends of the number of soldiers you send – infrastructure destroyed is also determined by your battle results (immense triumph, moderate success, pyrrhic victory). You need one barracks for every 3,000 soldiers, and can only produce 1,000 soldiers per barracks each day.

Achieving an "immense triumph" on the ground will give the nation ground control, which restricts the enemy to using only 67% of their aircraft .

Cost Edit

Troops are cheap units. They cost $20 per soldier to enlist. They have a daily upkeep cost of $1.25 and 1 ton of food per 750 soldiers. In war, however, they cost $1.88 per troop per day and 1 ton of food for 500 soldiers.


By default, soldiers will arm themselves with any available munitions, which are manufactured from lead. This increases their combat value by 75%, making them go from 1 combat value point (100% effectiveness) to 1.75 (175% effectiveness). You can choose for your soldiers not to use munitions, and they will fight at the normal effectiveness.

Soldier Capacity Edit

Soldiers are supported by Barracks which are military city improvements. Each Barracks can support a maximum of 3,000 Soldiers, and allows you to recruit up to 1,000 Soldiers per day.

Population Support Edit

Maximum soldier capacity is also limited by a nation's population. Your maximum soldier count cannot exceed 15% of your nation's population, regardless of how many Barracks you have.

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